The Curated Travel Collection

As travel concierge specialists, we understand that travel is certainly not a “one size fits all” mentality. Bryan and Tammi with Ears of Experience, LLC are pleased and honored to announce that we are now a part of The Curated Travel Collection, a division of Ears of Experience which focuses on luxury travel experiences. These domestic and international destinations are hand-picked by our team so that we can provide the best fit for you and your family. 

The Curated Travel Collection was born out of a desire for our clients to build on their relationships with their trusted advisors who have assisted in planning magical vacations to Disney destinations, but wanted to travel and experience the world in different ways. Whether you want a relaxing beach vacation at a resort full of amenities at your fingertips or a European river cruise where adventure awaits in a different town daily, we can help plan your next adventure.

We can firmly attest to how magical moments and inspiring places make lasting memories. Whether swimming with tropical sea life, hiking through a lush forests, lounging by a pristine swimming pool or beach, or simply having a conversation over a delicious meal, the best stories come from relaxation. At The Curated Travel Collection, we know this to be true from our own travels–and are experts at crafting life-changing experiences for our clients.

Contact us now; the world is waiting!