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All Day Dining, it is a “thing” at SeaWorld Adventure Park Orlando.

Have you ever felt limited by your in-park dining options because of the insane price tag that comes along with theme park eateries? Ever wish you could try ALL the food, without the guilt of a price tag? Or maybe you are a “snacker” and prefer to eat through your day… Well now…you can!

Thanks to SeaWorld Orlando’s All Day Dining offering, you can do more than just sample snacks, you can eat an entire entrée and side dish or dessert, ONCE. EVERY. HOUR. For one flat fee! And no, we’re NOT kidding!

For approximately $45 per adult and approximately $25 per child, every hour for one whole day, you can have one entrée, one side OR dessert, and one beverage at the majority of the park’s eateries quick service locations.  For a typical meal, one entrée, side or dessert and beverage would cost each person approximately $25. Now, if you are like us – one meal is not enough to hold us over for 12 plus hours in a theme park. Once you have two meals, you have already gotten a great deal. And passholders – you will get a special discount for your purchase.

You will be able to dine at:

Voyager’s Smokehouse

Expedition Café

Captain Pete’s Island Eats

Seafire Grill, Lakeside Grill

Altitude Burger

Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen

Lakeside Panini Bistro

Waterway Grill

Here is how it works. Once purchased you will receive a wristband with a barcode. At each location, the bar code is scanned, and the time is recorded. There is even a location that serves continental breakfast so make sure you get there early!

We purchased the SeaWorld’s All Day Dining Deal and had a blast trying different food. Did we eat more than we normally do in a park? Maybe, but we certainly loved trying all of the options. And hey, SeaWorld has diverse themed eateries, so it made the sampling even more fun!

If you are visiting SeaWorld and will eat at least twice during your day, we HIGHLY recommend the All Day Dining upgrade!

Bon Appetit!

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