Walt Disney World During The First Trimester

First trimester

Visiting the Disney World theme parks during your first trimester will not be much of a challenge, provided you are in good health and do not overdo. While you will not be able to ride Expedition Everest or Space Mountain, you can easily climb aboard the many rides you can do; fitting into ride vehicles will not be an issue. Personally, I chose rides that were smooth and easy going. Even though you might not look pregnant, you are pregnant so please, please, please, choose the rides and attractions that are safe. In our opinion, pick the rides that you would be able to ride throughout all three trimesters.

Most women feel tired more than usual during the first trimester, so consider staying at an on-site resort and returning to your room for a nap or a rest each afternoon. If you are a little nauseous in the morning, consider buying wristbands that sit on your pressure points. They work! If you are struggling with morning sickness, pack some crackers or a light snack to bring to the parks, and keep a supply of nausea-friendly snacks in your room. Trust me, you will enjoy your trip a lot more if you pay attention to your body’s signals and do not try to pack too much into a single day.

Just remember one thing, the first trimester (though you might be tiny), is a crucial trimester. So do not push yourself and be safe with your ride choices. Regardless, play it safe.


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