Just Around the Riverbend

Even though the Easter Bunny hopped on through and left us some scrumptious sweet treats, Mother Nature is our newest chef for April! Check out all the yummies Disney’s Animal Kingdom has in honor of Earth Month!

Restaurantosaurus: Sea Turtle Cupcake – Graham cracker cupcake, key lime pie filling, and guava gelée with vanilla buttercream topped with a fruit snack sea turtle.

Creature Comforts: Honey Bee Cupcake – Orange cake, honey Bavarian filling, and honey frosting with white chocolate honeycomb.

Isle of Java: Cotton Top Lagoon – Frozen blend of blue raspberry and lemonade topped with a wave of cotton candy.

Isle of Java: Red Crowned Crane – Frozen Coke and frozen Cherry Coke topped with strawberry cotton candy with or without rum.

Isle of Java and Flame Tree Barbecue: The Loggerhead – Sour Apple Sprite with green sugar–rim, sour fruit snack worms, and a glow cube.

Flame Tree Barbecue: Flamingo Cupcake – Strawberry cake filled with strawberry compote, guava frosting, and strawberry crisp pearls topped with a sugar flamingo. Now, these are just a few of the fantastic, magical Earth Day goodies that you can find at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They are also featuring specialty beer and cocktails to celebrate Mother Nature herself. So, go out there and be wild! Enjoy!

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