So This Is Love – Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmmm…..

Season of love is around the corner; in fact, it has already begun. Now, here is the deal. Enough with this Valentine’s Day or Love Month is just for couples or created by greeting card and chocolate companies. What fun is thinking of that? Stop already! Let people enjoy the month of February the way they want to whether it be with their significant other, children, friends, or a nice glass of wine. It is one hundred percent GREAT to celebrate the day! So, stop listening to all the downers out there who do in fact, have plenty to celebrate during the month. Now, if you happen to be celebrating at the Most Magical Place on Earth here are some fun ways to enjoy the day.

1. Food: Pick a restaurant you have never tried or head to a quick service location that is special to you. You do not have to make it expensive, just make it about you! We LOVE trying new places, so for us, it is important for us to find a new restaurant. However, you might have some amazing memories at a dining location that is special to you. Regardless, make it special.

2. Treats: During Valentine’s Day Weekend, there are many dining locations and confectionary areas that have specially themed treats. Not only are in the park dining locations baking up a storm, resorts and of course places in Disney Springs are enjoying celebrating the holiday.

3. Gifts: Skip the gifts this year. Go out and have fun. Forget buying the perfect gift, either pick out an ornament together or just sit on a bench and drink coffee. The holiday is certainly not about the gifts (though they are nice), remember a vacation or a day in the park is a gift in itself. Just enjoy it. Let yourself enjoy that as a gift.

4. Relaxation: Forget the rides. People watch. Snack. Spend time at the resort and the pool. Even though riding the attractions is a lot of fun and certainly can be relaxing, do something different or even spontaneous. Or just sit your bottom down on a bench, grab a cup of Joffrey’s and enjoy the view. You are in the Most Magical Place on Earth – enjoy your surroundings.

So, whoever you hangout with this “love season” and whatever you do – make it about you and whoever you are with. Have fun and enjoy it!! Happy Valentine’s Day Friends!

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