I’m Walking Right Down the Side of the Magic Kingdom

Come on everybody get your exercise on! The Grand Floridian walkway to and from the Magic Kingdom is officially open! Who is excited??!!

We had the opportunity to take the walk this past weekend, and to be honest – we walked right on through to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort! It was a marvelous walk and the views – oh the views! The walkway was SO quiet. In our walk to and from we passed maybe a total of eight families, not many. So, if you would prefer walking rather than waiting for boat or monorail (if available) transportation, we highly recommend this quaint walk.

When you leave the Magic Kingdom, head towards the boat docks. Do not be shy, there is still construction going on so the sign to the walkway is not very visible. If you get confused, the friendly security guards by the boat docks will point you in the correct direction and then joke about how poor the signage is at the moment.

On the walk, expect to be amazed by the local wildlife from deer to gorgeous birds and adorable turtles, you should really take your time enjoying the view. Hey, you will even get a view of the backstage area where they house the Electrical Water Pageant. For us, the walk took anywhere from 15-20 minutes to arrive at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, but it could take others a tad longer if you are enjoying the sights and taking a leisurely stroll. If you are continuing to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, expect a half hour to 40-minute walk. Again, the length of time can depend on your pace and if you are stopping to enjoy your surroundings. For those of you who do take the time to enjoy your surroundings, do not worry about getting lost, the signs on the resort properties help point you in the direction that you will need to go.

We highly recommend the walk for anyone who would prefer not to wait for transportation, is looking for exercise or would like to spend time enjoying the sights and sounds surrounding the Magic Kingdom. Now, at the end of the night – if your doggies are killing you, we definitely do not suggest the walk! You might want to keep in mind your company as well. Those who struggle walking long distances or little ones, might not enjoy the walking path as you do. Luckily, Disney has so many fabulous options to get to and from the Magic Kingdom.

But for those of you looking for a little different scene – do it! Trust us, you will not regret it. Plus, just think you are walking off extra calories which translates to – yep, an extra treat! Now, put on your comfy shoes and get to it. Enjoy!

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