What to Get Someone Who Has Everything

Not sure what to get something for someone who has everything? What about a gift for someone who loves to travel? There ae so many ideas so it is a good thing that there are birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries to put a smile on the faces of all adventurers out there.

Photo Book: The best part about taking a vacation is not just the experiences, but the memories that people gain. Memories are gifts that people cherish for their lifetime and even though memories are the most important gifts, photos can help jog memories. Make a personalized memory book for the traveler in your life.

Personalized Souvenir: We all love to come home with the perfect souvenir, but what about a memory souvenir or perhaps a souvenir that special person of yours would not buy themselves. Maybe they love visiting the beach so personalize a towel and beach bag full of goodies that they can not only use but want. Or, how about a piece of jewelry that represents a location special to them – think Pandora or Alex and Ani.

Photography Supplies: We all love taking photographs when we travel, why don’t you gift someone supplies and accessories to assist them in their photography skills. How about gift a set of photography lessons to help them improve their talent (if taking a class is something they would enjoy).

Luggage: Let’s face it – we all need luggage whether it is for traveling on vacation or visiting grandma and grandpa. Luggage is a necessity. But think about it, how often do we purchase luggage for ourselves? Easy… when it is on a registry or when ours is broken or in shreds. Purchase some luggage for that lovely traveler of yours or if you are not sure what they will like, how about a gift card to purchase luggage? If luggage is out of the budget, a weekender bag or makeup case would be beyond thoughtful.

Dream Trip: Drum roll please… a dream trip would be one of the best gifts you can give someone who loves to travel. Why not book the trip they have been talking about for a while, but have not taken the time to book it themselves? I know it seems crazy to book a trip without their knowledge, but if it is not exactly around the corner then if using a travel planner – dates can be switched at any point. So, take that extra step and get planning that weekend getaway or weeklong journey. We cannot wait to help you!

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