Brr It’s a Chilly 85 Degrees

Winter at the Walt Disney World® Resort. Yes, we have winter here, but no it is not super frigid. Check the weather reports, right now we are well in the upper 80’s and some days the low 90’s right now, with nights in the mid to upper 70’s. Don’t get yourself too excited, we will get the occasional day in the 70’s with lows in the upper 50’s and 60’s. Sounds beautiful right? Wrong, well at least to us Floridians. Temperatures in the 70’s can be beautiful, but at night it can be a little chilly. With the high humidity in Florida temperatures can feel much, much, much colder than they are. Confusing? Probably. We will help you out.

Backpacks = Necessary

Stressed on what to pack? Yeah, us too. Make sure you check the weather reports close to when you are traveling. Regardless of what it says, make sure you pack extra. If your temperatures look like they will be quite warm, make sure you pack a sweater and a few pairs of pants. If you are a flip flopper like us, bring a pair of sneakers and socks – just in case. November and December are also supposed to be considered our “dryer” months but bring that poncho or rain jacket just in case. Traveling for the holidays? Pack some cute holiday gear! Okay, here is the crazy in us, keep them appropriate and fun. There is nothing worse than cringing at inappropriate Christmas shirts in the park. Just our two cents, but you will understand once you are there!

Mid 90’s in November!

You guys, a backpack is key to bring in the park. Why waist your Mickey shaped snack money on a locker when you can put it in a backpack? We cannot stress how much checking the weather is key, however you are in Florida, so weather is also extremely unpredictable. Listen, just a few weekends ago, it was raining at Peter Pan’s Flight and not at Pinocchio Village Haus. Crazy right? In your backpack, always have a poncho and sunscreen. If you are sensitive to cool or wind, pack a light sweater for the nighttime if you are not sure whether you will be cold. If you want to bring your snacks, bring them, but avoid bring water as Disney will give you cups for free. We have been known to wear shorts in the day and pack pants in our backpacks in case we are too cold at night.

Mid-Day Change to Keep Warm

Hopefully, this helps with what to pack, but make sure you are open to whatever the beautiful Florida weather gives you. Whether it is too hot or a little chilly, rainy, or dry as a bone – enjoy the parks and do not let the weather get in your way! Plus, do not forget if you are too cold grab yourself a hot chocolate and if you are too hot, grab yourself a frozen beverage. Right now, the parks are serving up a mean frozen hot chocolate! Enjoy your trip!

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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