Toto, We’re Not *Just* in Walt Disney World Anymore

Did you know that you can enjoy treats all year long and NOT just during the Halloween and Christmas seasons? Surprise! We are here to tell you about our newest adventure the Travel Curated Collection, and what a treat it is for you!

At Bryan and Tammi with Ears of Experience, LLC we are now proud to offer the Curated Travel Collection.  We know from our own travels, how the best stories can come from remarkable vacations. As a team of agents, with worldwide expertise in the travel industry and the ability to share our knowledge with each other, we are experts at crafting life-changing experiences for our clients.

Grand Canyon

Many of you know exactly where you want to head off to and others might need a little more help to decide. Together, we will discuss your travel preferences, where you have traveled before and where you see yourself traveling now. Whether seeking a boutique hotel or an large resort, world-class cooking lessons or intimate fine dining, we take the time to discover what is important to you and others joining you on your journey.


Once you are ready, together we will hand-select customized options for your trip–including where to stay, suggestions for where to eat based on your wishes, and which activities might satisfy your curiosities and passions. Prior to travel, we will confirm bookings and reservations and make sure you have everything you need to embark on your trip of a lifetime. As your go-to concierge, we are just a call or email away from handling additional changes to the schedule through the duration of your stay that you would like to make.

New York

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with just the “fun” travel! Heading to California or Colorado for work? How about visiting family and friends in South Carolina? If you are looking for accommodations and much more, we can handle that for you!

Remember, we are here to make your vacation magical whether at Walt Disney World or the Great Plains. Now, where to next?

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