“They’re Here”

Raise your hand if you like all things seasonal. Now, raise your hand if you like Halloween candy. Okay, final question, raise your hand if you like scary. Right now, Universal Orlando Resort is hosting some horror-iffic events for their guests! Today, we focus on one particular event that is for guests of all ages! Let’s be honest – haunted houses are not for everyone right?

Universal Studios Orlando is hosting a Scarecrow Stalk Scavenger Hunt and it sure is fun! The map scan be found shortly after entering the park at the Universal Studios Store. If there are no available maps at the display center, you can find one at the checkout counter. Here’s another hint, you can grab one of the maps at any store you find a scarecrow.

There are thirteen locations with epic scarecrows. The scavenger hunt map shows the exact locations of the scarecrows, however if you are up for the challenge, ditch the map (well don’t ditch it, you will need it), but ignore the locations and search for them yourself. Trust us, it will extend your fabulous hunt.

Here’s the best part, once you complete the map, there are two locations where you can grab a little candy sampler bag. Don’t get too excited, the candy bag is small, but still you get candy!

Now, go have a terror-filled time and find those scarecrows!

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