I Solemnly Swear that this RAIN is NO GOOD!

So here is the deal. It rains in Florida when it feels like it, and it comes out of nowhere. If you are heading to Universal Orlando Resort, then you will want to think about packing for potential rain. Think rain would ruin your day at the park? No way! Here is how to make your day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure epic – even with a little downpour.

First thing is first – stop checking the weather! There is a good chance that you will se anywhere from 50% – 80% chance of rain during the summer months. Let us be the first to tell you, those numbers are never ever accurate. Expect to get a short storm here and there, but you will never have a washout of a day.

1. Attire: Pack for rain. Bring the ponchos (unless you want to purchase them) and pack them in your backpack. If you are wearing shoes, you might want to think about sneaks that are a little more water resistant, or at least pack extra socks. If you are like us and enjoy your piggies out, wear flip flops or sandals that have a good sole that will not slip!

2. Indoor Attractions: We know what you are thinking – the Hulk, Hagrid’s, they are all outside. Yes, we are quite aware, however there are so many attractions that are indoor. Just be mindful of walking to and from each attraction. If you are like us, we are not ones to “wait it out” (even though it could only be an hour). We came to ride, and we are going to! Hey, if you do not mind getting a little wet, hit up the water attractions, they only close in bad weather (storms).

Indoor Attractions!

3. Eat: As silly as it sounds, maybe now is a good time for a snack or meal. Listen, at some point you will spend your precious minutes eating, so why not when the weather is gloomy.

Forget Singing in the Rain – Ice Cream in the Rain

4. Ziplock Bags: You know, for the essentials. You will thank us later when your phone is still working.

5. Don’t Leave: To be honest, a lot of guests leave when it is rainy, so unless you have somewhere else to be – enjoy the shorter lines!

6. Sun: Ya’ll the sun in Florida is brutal! We love it, but it can pack a punch. So regardless of what you hear and read, pack your sunscreen, because after the rain it usually gets hot and we mean really, humid hot!


7: Smile: There is nothing worse than allowing rain to ruin your day. So, don’t let it! Let your day be epic and HAVE FUN! Sure, fun might look a little different and maybe feel a little sloshy, but you are at Universal – let it go!

We cannot tell you how important it is to not let a little rain cloud ruin your day! We know that it is easier said than done, but maybe it is best to prepare for it rather than be caught off guard! Have an epic time!

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