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It is no secret that we have been back in the parks, feeling safe and loving every minute of it. As each day passes, the theme parks seem to evolve with the changing times. For all of you looking to see how the Walt Disney World® Resort is handling their health and safety measures, check out our blog here! Now, on to the Universal Orlando Resort and their health and safety measures.

Wear the Mask!

To keep their guests safe, the Universal Orlando Resort is focusing on three key ideals: screening, sanitization and spacing. Prior to entering the park, guests receive contact free temperature screenings. Guests with temperatures 100.4º, are not permitted to enter the park. In addition, all guests ages two and up are required to wear a face mask that securely covers their nose and mouth (at the same time).

Character Meet

Hand sanitizer is available virtually everywhere, so unless you want to bring backup, save yours! Prior to riding an attraction, hand sanitizer is given to each guest – we happen to LOVE this! Make sure you take a look around at the ground, there are physical distance marking to show you where you should be standing and waiting. Here is the deal, there are areas where the markings look more than 6 feet apart, they are spaced for a particular reason, so do not think to make up your own “6-foot rule”. Okay, we will say it out loud – people do not feel comfortable if you do not follow the rules. Everyone is there to enjoy themselves in a safe manner so follow those rules and keep yourself and the others visiting safe. We are not saying that you should give someone the side eye if they miss a marking or are not paying attention, people make mistakes – just be aware.

Physical Distance Markers

Here is the key, be alert. Universal team members are there to ensure health and safety, so listen to what they say. Remember, the more we all follow their regulations, the faster we can enjoy the parks the way we “used” to. There are plenty of U-Rest areas where guests can relax and give their faces a little break from their face mask. Now, if you are worried that you will not have fun in the parks with the new health and safety measures, put those fears to the side – you will have an epic time and be absolutely sanitized by days end. Have fun!

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