Tasting Around the World

It is no secret that guests traveling to the Walt Disney World Resort love “drinking around the world” when visiting EPCOT, but what about “tasting around the world”? We absolutely love nibbling our way around World Showcase trying all the new (or new to us) treats that we can find. Sharing is the way to go as you get to eat more and feel guilt free. So here are our favorites from around World Showcase. We cannot wait to hear what your favorites are.

Canada: Maple Popcorn – Think of warm kettle corn, but a bit sweeter. Bonus – if you have a refillable popcorn bucket, the popcorn is only a $2.00 refill.

United Kingdom: Chips – Hot, crispy, and salty. Need we say more? This is perfect for when you want a little something, something to tie you over or suck up some of those drinks.

France: Seasonal Ice Cream – Let’s be honest, there are so many things to snack on in the French Pavilion. We happen to love trying all the seasonal ice cream flavors throughout the year. Our favorite thus far has been gingerbread – trust us!

Morocco: Almond Pastry – It’s no secret we are still mourning the loss of the almond pastry in the French Pavilion, however we found a similar pastry in Morocco. You see, this is how we do it in Morocco, in Morocco. Anyone?

Japan: Rice Candy – Anytime you can eat a wrapper, it is fun.

America: Mickey Pretzel – From BBQ and turkey legs to funnel cakes – the American Pavilion has quite some delicious down-home snacks. Our favorite is no “specialty” here, but we love a good old-fashioned Mickey Pretzel – extra salty please!

Italy: Arancini – The pizza in Italy is near perfection, however, keep your eyes open, because from time to time the pizza window serves Arancini and it is quite delicious! A taste of the old country.

Germany: Bratwurst – The line in the Germany Pavilion for their sweet treats is always out the door and we agree – those treats are totally worth it. Now, if you are looking for something that is a little more filling, head to the back where you can find delicious bratwurst and homemade paprika chips!

China: Pot Stickers – If you are looking for a small little snack, the pot stickers in the China Pavilion are quite tasty especially with delicious soy sauce.

Norway: Kringla Sweet Pretzel – Kringla needs no introduction. A light and sweet dough with almonds, raisins, and icing. That is all you need to know. Well… other than the fact that this one is difficult to share as one of us can house this deliciousness in two seconds flat.

Mexico: Nachos de Barbacoa – Choza de Margarita is not just a spot for margaritas, surprise! Nachos de Barbacoa are like loaded nachos, but fancier with avocado mousse and fancy cheeses. Hint – grab a napkin!

So, these are our favorites to snack on right now. Now, what we LOVE about World Showcase is trying new snacks especially because they are ever changing. And don’t forget, when you are ready – we are here for you!

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