Puttin’ on the Ritz or Mask Rather

Since the Walt Disney World® Resort, along with the other popular resorts in Orlando, Florida have reopened, health and safety measures has been put into place. From temperature checks, limited admission, face masks and physical distancing measures, the health and safety of both guests and cast members are highly elevated.

Here is the deal. You need to wear a mask (not a bandana or gaiter) that covers your nose AND your mouth at the same time. As silly as it sounds to say that – it is needed. The cast members in all the Orlando based theme parks WILL tell you to wear your mask properly. Without getting too personal – the masks are to protect each other, so do not try to be “that one person” who bucks the system and ruins the fun for everyone else and to be honest, puts others at risk. That is certainly NOT magical. If visiting the parks with a mask on is not for you, save your trip for another time, a time when you can enjoy the parks. You see, you deserve to enjoy the parks the way you want to. For those of you who are “okay” with wearing a mask to Florida, let us help you out. Florida is hot. Period. Wearing a face mask is hot. Period. Does it make your experience hotter? For some maybe and for others maybe not, but regardless – we have some tips for you to experience the parks in comfort.

1. Makeup: Wear minimal makeup under that mask. To be honest, you will most likely sweat it off onto the mask in some cases your makeup might bleed onto areas of your face it does not belong. Wearing makeup under the mask could also make your skin greasy causing unpopular breakouts. Plus – save money!

2. Material: Make sure you follow the guidelines of the parks for what material is appropriate. The lighter material, the better. Choose a mask with material that does not pinch or itch your skin.

4. Relaxation Station: They are there for relaxation. Use them! If you are feeling hot, sometimes attractions or stores do not necessarily make you feel better as you are still must wear a mask. If you see a Relaxation Station and you could use a break, grab a seat, and liberate yourself.

5. Water: Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. The more you sweat, the more you need to hydrate. If water is not your “thing” choose a drink that will make you feel refreshed and hydrated. Do not forget. You must pull over to the side if you are going to sip. No walking around and drinking – it is important!

6. Extra Masks: There is nothing worse than a smelly, sweaty, damp mask. Bring extras! Masks are lightweight and barely take up any room so be safe and bring extras. Just think, your mask got too wet during the afternoon Florida thunderstorm – no problem, you have an extra. Mask fly off on Expedition Everest? Not a big deal (it’s okay you did not mean for it to fall off), grab your extra. Maybe you are wearing the disposable masks and the elastic broke, no need to panic – you have plenty! While the masks in the parks are adorable, maybe you would prefer to spend your hard-earned money on a different souvenir. So, unless you are planning on buying a mask in the park, bring extras!

7. Powder: Chaffing happens and not just well… it happens all over so; baby powder or facial powder might help the areas where your mask is chaffing.

8. Glasses: One of the most difficult parts to wearing a mask in addition to the heat is the fogging up of glasses. It annoys us to no end. So, bring something to clean your glasses and your sunglasses. Glasses fog the worst when you quickly change temperatures so try to have patience as you enter the different temperature area. You will either need to wipe your glasses multiple times or wait a few seconds for your glasses to adjust to the new temperature and wipe, wipe, wipe. For attractions that utilize specialty glasses, it is helpful to breathe out of your mouth when you first put them on. Allow them to acclimate to your face or else you will be wiping for quite some time.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy your time in the parks! Remember, if you are not comfortable to visit the parks in a mask, do not feel as though you “have to”. Visit the parks when you are ready. The magic IS still there, different but there – trust us. Stay healthy!

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