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Alright all you macho dads out there, Disney is for dads – you cannot deny that! And to be honest, it is probably time for you to actually admit that you enjoy it. We know, some of you are saying I am proud to admit I am a Disney Dad, but there are others who well… keep those facts to themselves. Regardless, we are here to tell you (not that we should have to) that it is absolutely awesome to be a Disney Dad – so here is your chance to own it! Now that we have gotten that out of the way, it is time to talk about the “things” that dads should know when visiting the parks. All you veteran Disney Dads and Newbie Disney Dads, these are for you!

Backpack: Let’s face it dad, you are the muscle (sorry ladies we are old fashioned here) so you will be wearing the backpack (at least the heaviest one). Pack everything that you could possibly need and more. From sunscreen and ponchos to snacks and extra sunglasses. You better believe you should be holding all the necessities in the park. Now here is the thing, backpacks get hot and your backs will get, well – sweaty, so bring some extra deodorant to apply during one of your many bathroom breaks! You might also want to invest in baby powder for all the areas you are going to need it and we will leave it at that. We are totally onboard with “if you bring it, you carry it” mentality, but not necessarily at Disney. Kids (and adults) get tired, so if you have room and you do not want a meltdown after someone loses something, offer to carry it.

Shirts: WEAR THE MATCHING SHIRTS PERIOD. Come on, if you are too grouchy to wear a matching shirt, then we will be blunt – Disney is probably not for you. If it gives your wife, your mom or your kids pleasure (isn’t that why you are at Disney anyway?), then wear the shirt. We can assume that you will only have one or two days of matching, so you know that saying “happy wife, happy life”? Whatever you do, please do not wear the inappropriate shirts (and you know what we are referring to) or the shirts that say “broke” or “I’m just here to pay for things”. Yes, we know some of you will not agree with us, but to be blunt, they are not nice and quite frankly not funny.

Real Men Wear Pink & Match

Plan: Planning is key! If you are a first timer or a one thousandth timer, plan for the vacation that you absolutely want. Yes, is it great to go in without a plan? Sure, but not having a plan is more for the residents who “do Disney” often. If you want the most out of your trip plan. And you best believe you better plan for yourself.

Snack: Ya’ll get hangry. Fast. So, do not be afraid to snack on things. In fact, if you can, pack some light snacks in your backpack for easy access.

Kids: Kids get tired. Kids get cranky. Parents get tired. Parents get cranky. If you know your kids will get tired, but you would like to spend more time in the park – rent a stroller. If you have an hour left of the park, and your little ones are tired, pick them up. Disney in ninety plus degrees is tough on anyone so do not be concerned when your kids tire out earlier than normal.

Fireworks and Shows: Everyone who is in the park, has also paid to be in the park. While we cannot say we condone putting kids on shoulders, if you are going to do that – be respectful of the people who are behind you. It is courteous and kind. Try finding a spot where no one is behind you, chances are someone will thank you for doing that. We know we have.

Have Fun & You Do You!: Dads, you love Disney so it is time that you get a say in what you do in the parks. You are your families “go to guy”. You make everyone laugh and you make everyone smile, to be honest, you make the day extra special, so it is only important that you are celebrated. It should not matter if it is your birthday or Father’s Day, what matters is that you are there and with your family, because you (not Mickey Mouse) will be the one that everyone wants to be around, because you are so very loved.

Never Too Cool for Disney or Wear Mickey Shades

Thank you for all that you do for your family. Happy Father’s Day! And remember… you are NEVER too old for Disney!

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