She/He Works Hard for the Money! So Hard for it Honey!

You might be thinking, now is not the best time to take a vacation, and we totally understand that – however, now is the BEST time to start planning. You see, during these “down times”, what better way to spend time as a group of friends via ZOOM, family at the kitchen table or a couple on the couch than planning your next Disney Destination vacation. The best part about planning – is there does not have to be a set date, but put ideas on the table. And… if you so happen to want to use our planning knowledge – it is completely free and YES, we can plan for future trips. The better prepared we all are prior to your booking dates opening, the best chance we have at getting you your dream vacation that you deserve! So, today we chat about the Disneyland Resort®!

1. Plan Early: Listen, I am all about finding the “cheapest” time to visit a location, but let’s face it – it has to work with your schedule. Our suggestion is to travel when you actually want to, not when the blogs say the tickets “cheaper”. Planning in advance gives you the opportunity to save. Buy gift cards at locations like Target and Sam’s Club where they offer advantages to purchasing cards there. Planning early also means locking in a room at the best price (price goes up the closer to travel and the more demand there is). Remember, we price watch and can apply promos (as long as they fit your package) at any point.

2: Bring a Backpack: Backpacks are so helpful. Before you travel, purchase a decent backpack to carry your essentials. We pack our ponchos, phone chargers, sunscreen, snacks and whatever else we feel we might need. Try not to fill your backpack to the brim and leave room for the extra things you collect throughout your day. One of us uses a backpack that hold what we need and the other half us uses an adorable Loungefly! Now, do not be mistaken, if folded properly, that Loungefly can hold a good deal of stuff. Once, a full change of clothes, cell phone, camera and a sweater fit into the Loungefly!

3: Snacks: We ALL love our Disney snacks especially those snacks that are Disney shaped, however if you are on a budget or prefer not to spend a lot of money on snacks, pack some! Here is a little hint for you – try not to pack snacks that will melt or turn into crumbles. We love to pack jerky (turkey preferably), peanut butter filled pretzel pockets, sliced apples (wrapped in a moist paper towel), sourdough pretzels, hard candies, peanut butter crackers and bars. Packing snacks is not only a way to save some moolah in the parks, but they are a quick tummy saver when your travel partners get a little on the hangry side.

4: Water: Unless you are picky about your water, ask for a cup of water at any quick service location, it is free! If you are not “into” water, bring so flavor packets. Do not bother packing water bottles (even those cute ones you can make with a Cricut), they waste space and cups of water are free and nice and cold!

5: Avoid Parking: Parking can add up. We do not suggest carpooling unless you are more than one hundred percent shore that you and the other party will want to leave at the same time. If you can, stay on property. The Disneyland Resort® is home to resorts of many categories and once you’re parked and on vacation time, get your walking shoes or flops on, because that is all you will need. If you stay at a Good Neighbor resort, there are resorts that are walking distance to the Disneyland Resort® and there are also resorts that offer free transportation!

Now, who does not like to save money. Whatever you do, make the trip enjoyable for your family! Saving a dollar here and a dollar there adds up! We hope these tips help you enjoy your future magical stay at the Disneyland Resort®!

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