Oh Oh Oh It’s Magic – You Know!

There is just something about that Disney Magic that makes us feel – well, magical. While the Disney Parks are going through some temporary adjustments, know the magic is there and it is waiting for you. If you are like us, our lives revolve around anything and everything Disney.

“What is that you are quoting?”
-“Oh, it is from the Jungle Cruise!”
“Where did you get those shoes?”
-“From the Emporium!”
“What snack are you in the mood for?”
-“I could totally go for a Kringla right now!”

You see, Disney runs through our veins and it is something we not only love, but are proud of. Disney to us, is more than just movies or theme parks, it is about the magical memories that we hold so close to our hearts. So today, tomorrow or next month, we encourage you to add a little Disney magic to your home. We have created a MAGIC Board for you to partake in whether it be with your family, your siblings, your friends or your significant other (be mindful of social distancing of course). The end result will not just be a completed square, but a multitude of memories that you, yourselves created – and we hope you share those moments with us (by tagging: @MousinAroundTravel).

Now, by all means, set up some challenge prize for your family if you want to. For example, maybe if you finish a full like your family can order takeout or if you finish the whole board, your family can save to go to a particular restaurant on your next Disney Destination vacation. It is up to you! Our hope is that you create some fabulous memories together. Remember – this is for ALL ages, so you best not think you are “too old”!


We cannot wait to hear about and see some of your fabulous creations. Have fun! And don’t forget, we are here to help you plan (at no extra cost) when you are ready!

Your referrals are our most MAGICAL compliments!

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