Chewy, Crunchy and Gooey!

It is a hot Florida day. You are in between fastpasses and could use a little break with a sugary pick-me-up. You have endless choices of a sweet treats and the fact that you must decide is brutal. Do you want a Dole Whip? Maybe you feel like a Mickey Premium Bar? Yes and no. What you really want is something different, something that you have not tried before. Enter the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich from The Plaza Restaurant. Tucked away at the end of Main Street USA, you will not only find a wonderful spot for castle selfies (not too far and not too close – try to stand to the side), now, where were we? Right, the end of Main Street USA, here you will find The Plaza Restaurant home to some delicious all-American food. Here, you will also find The Plaza Restaurant Ice Cream Parlor with some good old-fashioned ice cream.

The Plaza Restaurant Ice Cream Parlor is home to Mickey and Minnie’s Kitchen Sinks and those adorable ice cream cones that have the chocolate Mickey ears, but do not be mistaken – there is one heck of a hidden gem inside (cue dramatic music), the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. Holy cow! This treat is nothing short of spectacular and weighs almost a ton.

Okay, maybe the weight was a little overboard, but trust us, you are not “shorting” yourselves if you split this piece of goodness. Think of a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, that is just warm enough to make the ice cream a little soft, yet not melted. This cookie is firm and crunchy on the outside and warm and gooey in the middle, it really is perfect (wiping drool as we speak or write). On the inside, you can pick any of their ice cream flavors to complete your ultimate sandwich. Mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip seems to be the crowd pleasers here, but we happened to love (drum roll please), chocolate chip cookie dough. I mean we loved it so much and only one of us likes chocolate chip cookie dough, just saying. Come on, double the cookie and chip, how could you go wrong.

We managed to hold off eating the cookie until we found a seat to properly devour and share. But in all honesty, try not to wait too long, because it will get a little messy, so do not forget the napkins. So, the next time you are looking for something a little different? Try the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich from The Plaza Restaurant Ice Cream Parlor, you will NOT be disappointed, and neither will your tummy. You are most welcome!

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