You Don’t Want the Mom Eyes to Come Out, Do You?

Okay all you moms, god moms, grandmoms, aunts, big sisters and mom like women out there, this Sunday is your day! Sunday is officially Mother’s Day! Granted everyday should be a celebration of our mama’s out there, but on Sunday it is all about the mamas in our lives. So, we know traveling with your little ones or your old ones can be a bit – stressful and perhaps a little pricey so here are a few tips and tricks for you mamas out there to make your next trip to a Disney Destination a little more enjoyable for you!


My Disney Experience – Not going to lie, winging it in the parks is totally doable, however if you are traveling with kids or want to make sure you are using your time wisely in the park, My Disney Experience app is pretty much invaluable. The app allows you instantly see wait times, book fastpasses and dining reservations. You can even see details of what is happening in the parks and mobile order food. The app can be a huge time-saver and meltdown eliminator. Someone feeling a little overheated maybe even a little hangry? Find the closest quick-service location that is serving something that might help ease the pain (for everyone). And yes, it totally normal to get hangry.

Snacks – We ALL love our Disney snacks especially those snacks that are Disney shaped, however if you are on a budget or prefer not to spend a lot of money on snacks, pack some! Here is a little hint for you – try not to pack snacks that will melt or turn into crumbles. We love to pack jerky (turkey preferably), peanut butter filled pretzel pockets, sliced apples (wrapped in a moist paper towel), sourdough pretzels, hard candies, peanut butter crackers, bars and flavor packets for water. Do not bother packing water bottles (even those cute ones you can make with a Cricut), they waste space and cups of water are free and nice and cold! Oh, let us not forget about popcorn. Popcorn is the best treat and super cheap! Popcorn bucks can cost anywhere from $10 – $25, but refills are ONLY $2.00. Trust us. You will make that money up quickly!

To Splurge or Not to Splurge – There are plenty of souvenirs that you can buy before you travel. Purchase them, hide them, and pack them. Surprise your family at random times throughout your trip. Glow necklaces are awesome to pack and save a bunch of pennies when you are looking for a nighttime surprise. Now, there is nothing better than a souvenir from the parks, so the more you bring in advance, the better one you can pick out in the parks. Okay ladies, we are all for Minnie Ears if they are your thing. ETSY is a wonderful place to purchase unique ears and of course there is nothing like Minnie Ears from the parks, but there is a huge difference between with ears that are well made. Do not waste money on $7.00 ears that melt when it is too hot out. Instead invest in ones that will hold up.

Take a Break – Take a break! Whether it be a break from your feet, for a treat or a break at the pools. Take a break – trust us, everyone can use one. Go visit different resorts or spend some time taking in the Florida sun, and then head to the parks once you are refreshed again.

Relax at Your Resort

Have an Exit Strategy – If you are staying until the fireworks and you have little ones, you are going to want an exit strategy. Regardless of whether you are driving or using Disney transportation, the end of the night can be a little less magical. Have a plan prior to making your exit. Perhaps you would like to watch the fireworks from the ferry boat or maybe you would prefer to watch them near the entrance, you will want to make your exit as smooth as you possibly can. If you are staying until the fireworks – wait! Wait for that initial crowd rush to leave and then slowly mosey your way out. A slower exit is a safer exit. Some nights waiting a while will give you a longer bus line and other nights the wait for the buses might be a little shorter so while we cannot say one way or another whether your travel time will be “shorter”, we can say it will be much less hectic.

Wine, Beer or Soda – Yes all you moms out there, it is completely OK to have a beer or a glass of wine while you are on vacation. Just be responsible about it. Just because you are a mom, auntie or grandmom, does not mean you cannot enjoy a cold brewski in EPCOT or indulge in a regular Coke.

Yes, Those Are Paper Straws

So, moms and “mom-like” people out there, we totally understand how a Disney Destination vacation can be overwhelming, but the key is to not let it be. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your company. Enjoy the magical feeling that Disney so graciously gives us all. And, if you need a few more tips, we have quite a few more up our sleeves! We cannot wait to share them with you when you book your next vacation through us (and at no extra cost)!

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