And the Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down

“And the rain, rain, rain
Came down, down, down
And the flood rose up, up, upper
Pooh, too was caught and so he thought
I must rescue my supper.”

Fold Flat!

Rain in Florida is inevitable. We say that as we only have had one sufficient day of rain in two plus months, but still rain in Florida is a thing. Do not get us wrong, the rain here is not an “all day ruin your plans” type of rain. But still, if you do not want to walk in the rain or hunker down for an hour or so, you must plan for rain.

Poncho or Raincoat: We usually check the forecast everyday to see if there is rain, but typically we always pack our ponchos in case of a “little black rain cloud”. If you prefer not to spend around $10 for them in the parks, purchase a bunch before you travel. Poncho or raincoat, it is really your preference. Just a word to the wise… if you prefer raincoats over ponchos, while the parks do sell them – they are upwards of $50, so plan accordingly. Make sure you bring a plastic bag with you to put your wet gear in following the rain. At the hotel, hang them up to let them dry out and when they are dry and ready for packing again, fold them carefully removing as much air as you can to make them flat and fit nicely in your bag once more. We always place them in a dry plastic bag in our bags.

Plastic Baggies: Pack some plastic baggies with you in your bag, they can be used for so many things when you are in the parks. Left over snack? Plastic baggie. Put your electronics and other items that you do not want to get soaked in the baggie and keep them extra safe.

Plastic Baggies

Socks: If your shoes get wet, you are going to want a change of socks. Yes, we know, your shoes will not dry instantaneously, but at least your feet will not be as soaking wet as they would have been. Sure, your new socks might get a little wet, but it will help with blistering.

Flip Flops: Flips are not for everyone, but if you need them – they are good to give your feet some fresh air while they dry out and can be helpful for those who do not like squishy shoes. Word of caution make sure they are not “cheap” flip flops because poor traction will have you slip sliding all over the parks.

Crocs, Clarks & Reefs are THE BEST Sandals/Flip Flops

So, yep, rain happens and nope it will not ruin your vacation. However, if you want it to be a bit more magical, plan, plan, plan! And speaking of planning, we cannot wait to plan your future vacation!

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