Come On Everybody Get Your Ears On!

We are going to be completely honest in this moment and say that… we pretty much love collecting anything having to do with a Disney theme and in particular, the Disney Parks theme. One of us is working on collecting enough Disney t-shirts to wear each day of an entire year, and the other is working on collecting Minnie Ears and Alex and Ani. Today, we focus on The Ears. They are so much more than a celebration of Ms. Mouse herself; they are statements. Think about it, on your birthday, you wear birthday ears and during the food and wine festival, you wear your festival ears. Heading to the Magic Kingdom? Then wear those castle ears.

The Prized Gingerbread Ears

Ears are pretty much a permanent staple when we visit the park. Minnie Ears are left at home when it is super windy or when the weather outlook is not the best and to be honest, our pictures look strange when Minnie Ears are not worn. Now that we have stated the importance of those oh so sequined accessories, it is time to talk about the dreaded – Minnie Ear Headache.

Come on. Those of you who wear them, know what we are talking about. The headache that starts just behind your ears (real ears) and not only causes your head to throb, but the area behind your ears to feel sensitive and warm. Don’t you worry – we are here to help you out!

Orange Bird Ears for Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

Attractions. No. Rides. No. Shows. No

It is certainly a good idea to take off those Ears on rides and during shows. For one, you do not want your ears to fall off and give that noggin of yours a break. Yes, do the ears obstruct the views of people behind you – maybe yes and maybe no, but instead rest them on your lap and let your head breathe.

Belle of the Ball Ears for Animal Kingdom

Eating with Ears is a No No.

When you take a break for a snack or lunch give you head a rest and take your Minnie Ears off. Listen when you eat, you are already using the muscles in your face so why aggravate them more by putting pressure on your head with your Ears on? Silly? Maybe. However, you will thank us when you are sparkling during Happily Ever After, versus trying to figure out what to do with your Ears at the end of the night, because you head hurts.


When visiting the parks, try to prepare for the unexpected. Prepare for a headache. Bring whatever necessities you need that will help alleviate a headache if one so happens to popup. Hydration is key to preventing headaches, but since cups of water are gratis, don’t worry about carrying around heavy water bottles all day. If you need medicine or a supplement to help you when the going gets tough, pack it with you! Prevention will make your day so much more enjoyable instead of “dealing” with a problem.

Buzz Ears with THE Man Himself

Take a Break

Okay, though this is not what we all want, if the area behind your ears (your real ears) starts feeling sensitive, take a break from wearing Minnie Ears and leave them in your room. Your head will thank you later and there is absolutely no point to wearing Minnie Ears only to resent them in the evening. Do yourself a favor and if it feels like your thinker could use a break, give it just that.

While “beauty is pain”, all joking aside, you want to be able to ENJOY yourself in the park. So instead of trying to “fix” the problem after it starts, let’s prevent the problem so you can have the most magical headache free day! Come on everybody – put your ears on! It’s a good, good time!

The Ears I ALWAYS Wanted – Birthday Ears!

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