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Planning your magic – FROM the magic!

Okay friends and clients out there, right now, small businesses could use some support. While travel (at the moment) is a bit complicated, our industry still needs your support! The best thing you can do for us as well as other small businesses is very easy!

  1. Interact with our content and the content of other small businesses- like it, share it, comment on it.
  2. Share the company’s information with others. Nothing is better than a referral! Word of mouth is the best type of advertisement.
  3. Try to reschedule your trip (or plan a future one) before cancelling.

So, what exactly is Bryan and Tammi with Ears of Experience, LLC right? For over thirty years, we have been visiting Disney Destinations with the ability to provide our clients first-hand insights for your trips. Did you know that our agency is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner that was founded in 2009? This year the company received the Platinum EarMarked award from Disney Destinations, the highest level of Disney’s EarMarked program. This means we are recognized in the industry for our knowledge of Disney, integrity, and experience helping families book Disney Destination vacations.

Magic Helps Everything!

We pride ourselves on accuracy and training. The focus on continuous training gives us the confidence to know that we are giving our clients the most accurate and up-to-date information at all times. We do not deal in rumors or misleading facts nor do we share emergent details until they are confirmed. And when it comes to booking packages we are focused on the specific needs of our clients, not just selling high-end vacation components. We act with integrity at all times and are dedicated to serving our clients from the first request until the day they return from their trips. We moved to be close to the magic so we can always give our clients the best that we can!

So go out there (or online rather) and support local and small businesses all over. Know they appreciate what their clients and patrons do for them – we certainly do.

Have a magical day!

Your referrals are our most MAGICAL compliments!

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