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Aloooooooohaaaaaa! Even though Saint Patrick’s Day was yesterday, we are still feeling quite lucky. Why you ask? Well, because we are lucky to be planning future Disney Destination vacations for so many new clients. With all this time, why not plan?! It’s March which means summer, summer, summertime is calling our name. And let’s be one hundred percent honest here – we all need a vacation from reality. Now, if Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa have not been on your radar before, then it should be now! Here are some fun facts about the Resort!

5. In the lobby, guests will find feathered sticks called Kahilis which are normally made with bird feathers and represent a family crest. Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa’s kahili is made of red, black, and white feathers to symbolize an important member of the family, Mickey Mouse.

4. Situated in the heart of the Waikolohe Valley, the Menehune Bridge is near an area for water-filled adventures. As legend has it, the Menehune built the bridge at the same time Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa was being constructed. The mischievous creatures work at night and are not always able to finish their projects, which is why there are so many leaks and wobbly bridges. Did you know, there are over 300 statues hidden around the resort?

3. To keep authenticity, cast members working at the bar in the ‘Ōlelo Room are required to speak fluent Hawaiian.

2. The wall inside the entryway at Makahiki restaurant is made entirely from the inside of coconut shells.

1. Pay close attention to the rock work all around the Waikolohe Valley. There you will find carvings of hidden animals, fish, shells, and other native Hawaiian features. Sound like somewhere else familiar?

So, start your bathing suite shopping now, and let’s get you that perfect “room with a view”! Looking forward to planning your next Disney Destination vacation at absolutely no cost to you!

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