Here a Bus. There a Bus. Everywhere a Bus, Bus.

The Walt Disney World® Resort is one of the most visited family vacation destinations in the world (no pun intended). The Most Magical Place on Earth offers world-class entertainment, delicious dining and treats, one-of-a-kind attractions and beyond memorable experiences that you cannot find anywhere else in, well in the world (again – no pun intended).

New Bus Fleet

Walt Disney World covers about 40 square miles and features over two dozen unique themed resorts, two water parks, four theme parks and its very own shopping and dining district. There are so many things to do on Walt Disney World property and while some love to have their own vehicles to navigate and others prefer to leave the reigns to the Disney Transportation professionals.

Our suggestion let Disney do the driving. Let’s face it, when you are on vacation, the very last thing you want to worry about is having to figure out which lane to be in or whether the gas prices will drop in a few days. Walt Disney World bus transportation is entirely complementary for all guests.

Rare Chilly Day

For most bus routes, buses operate with 20-minuete intervals and guests can catch a bus from Disney Resorts to Disney Theme Parks, Water Parks, Disney Springs and then back again! Bus transportation begins approximately 45 minutes prior to park opening and end operation two hours after park closing. Disney Springs bus service starts 45 minutes before the shopping and dining district opens with return service from Disney Springs to your Disney Resort running until 2:00am each day. Beginning at 4:00pm, Disney Theme Parks offer one-way transportation to Disney Spring (no return service to a Disney Theme Park). For water parks, bus service runs with 30-minute intervals beginning 45 minutes before the water parks open with return service ending approximately 75 minutes after water park closings!

Oh Hey Girl

Disney Transportation Services strive to keep their buses clean and we should be sure to respect that. So, if you are coming from a Walt Disney World Water Park, be sure to have dried off. All buses are air conditioned (usually frigid) and offer seating and standing room to allow for maximum capacity. Walt Disney World buses are handicap accessible and require strollers to be folded. At each Resort stop, there are screens with in-time updates on when the next bus will arrive at your location. While some routes may require you to switch buses, Disney cast members will keep you informed and help you get where you need to go quickly and efficiently! Those who have not traveled to the Walt Disney World resort in a few years will be shocked when they see the newest fleet of buses. These buses are completely wrapped in theming based on a Disney character, movie, or attraction, but the magic certainly does not end there. Inside these buses are refreshed interiors, laminate floors, new seats, and USB charging stations underneath seats across the bus. This means while you travel between destinations, you can ensure that your devices start charged up for maximum Disney magic! 

So Fresh and So Clean Clean

And speaking of Disney magic, we are super aware of tired feet, but do not forget to let those who need a seat sit. Be kind and place your bags on your lap. If your children are young, have them sit on your lap and not take up a seat for an adult who might need one. Try not to get annoyed when someone standing accidentally bumps into you while you are sitting, it is quite difficult for them to remain balanced. If there is not a line for the bus, take a look around to see who was waiting before you and allow them to enter the bus first. Gentlemen… we may be old fashioned, but still believe it is polite to let women sit. Please be aware. We’re all tired and we are all hot, but that does not mean we should not allow others who might need to sit the opportunity to be safe. Kindness is always magical. So, there you have it folks, the Walt Disney World® Resort transportation system will take you all over property with ease. Sometimes your bus will be empty, sometimes your bus will be packed full and other times your 20-minute wait might be a little longer due to traffic (so allow extra upon extra time for dining reservations), but overall the experience is wonderful. And yes, while those beloved Minnie Vans are available – why not take advantage of complimentary bus transportation? Heck consider it an extra ride (or two).

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