Alright ya’ll, we hear it and see it a lot, “We’re going to skip EPCOT, my child won’t enjoy it.” Or, “EPCOT is just for adults, my kids would prefer Magic Kingdom.”

So… First, remember, while it is a family vacation, you are on vacation too, so if you want to go to EPCOT, go and let’s get your kids “into” it.

Future World has many attractions and activities for the youngest to oldest of explorers. Mission: SPACE has a lot more than just the attraction. So, if you are not sure blasting off into outer space is your thing, try the Advanced Training Lab, here you can race rockets from Mars to Earth. Next time you want to bypass this area – don’t! Plus, you will go through the gift shop and you better believe they have astronaut ice cream!

The JAMMitors go overlooked and we have no clue why. As you stroll around through Future World, you will see this hilarious trash can drumming janitors jamming with household utensils. Everyone in your family will love the “show” and you’ll thank us later when your child (or husband) is using the spatula as a drumstick.

Over in the Imagination Pavilion, Image Works allows your imagination to run wild. This is a sensory-inspired experience and is a lot of fun. Just a short swim over, you will find the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Here, you will find a ride, a wonderful show and a large aquarium filled with everything from sharks and stingrays to dolphins and divers. We are quite sure you are already familiar with the Land Pavilion, home to Soarin’ and our favorite, Living with the Land, but let’s not forget about Awesome Planet a brand new film showing us how – well, how awesome our planet is.

It is pretty obvious that those who are not “into” EPCOT will enjoy Future World. Now, let’s focus on our favorite, World Showcase! The World Showcase hosts a Kidcot Fun Stop activity that lets you and the kids create their own personalized souvenir.  Visit each of the Kidcot stops to pick up a Ziploc “suitcase” filled with activity cards, stickers, crayons, and more. 

During each festival, there are always fabulous scavenger hunts (yes, that we do as well). Each scavenger hunt is themed differently, and you better believe there is a prize at the end. In addition to all of this, most country pavilions offer a special attractions, live entertainment, food and shopping of course. Did we mention how delicious the food is from each country? Check the Park Times Guide for performance times.

Here is the kicker for those of you skipping school and of course it is fabulous for the entire family. Get to know the cast members from each country. Have a question that you want to ask a member from each country or a word that you like translated. Then go home and tell your teachers all that you learned. Don’t forget to take a photo with that particular cast member and say thank you! Their teacher will be so impressed and even more impressed when you bring them home a little somethin’ somethin’!

The next time you are in EPCOT take time to experience the many different events or attractions available for guests of all ages. Remember, it is a family vacation, but it is also your vacation.

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