Say “Jambo”. It Means Hello.

This past weekend, we wrapped up our first “staycation” of 2020. This trip we stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. This resort has been one of the resorts that we have been dying to visit. And it did not disappoint!

Animal Kingdom Lodge has two resort sections, Jambo House and Kidani Village. Jambo House has regular resort rooms along with villas and grandiose lobby, whereas Kidani Village has villas only, and a smaller yet still gorgeous lobby. Animal Kingdom Lodge is arguably the strongest themed resorts on Walt Disney World property. Every single area of the resort is themed and we mean every single area – bathroom shower details anyone?

Everything at Animal Kingdom Lodge is just beautiful. The grounds are no exception. From waterfalls, to streams, palm trees and the savannah, if you’re a nature lover, Animal Kingdom Lodge will feel like the perfect little hideaway. The ambiance of the resort is peaceful and relaxing and yet there is so much to do.  You can explore outside, sit on one of the big rocking chairs on the big overlook balconies or walk down to the savannah level and watch the animals. 

There are a few activities that you pay for (night safari etcetera) and loads and loads of activities for guests of all ages that are completely complementary. For example, there is an evening drumming parade, culinary programs, on-site animal specialists, movies under the stars, gorgeous pools, cultural activities that gain you beads, and s’more making out by the fire. And to be honest, these are only a few of the fabulous offerings the resort has to offer.  We were super impressed by how much you could actually do at the resort. At night, the resort offers night vision goggles at a few of the lookout points, they are military grade and so very cool to try. Just know, the animals are not super active at night, so you might see them chilling and laying versus knocking horns. It is completely evident that this is the perfect resort for individuals who are not looking to spend their entire visit in the parks. We continually found ourselves finding more excuses to stay at the resort rather than venture into the parks. I mean, guys – we left Epcot International Festival of the Arts early – woah!

It’s no secret that Animal Kingdom Lodge has amazing food. Boma is for buffet lovers and Sanaa is for those looking for something a little more exotic (and don’t forget that bread service) and last Jiko for those looking for a top-notch dining experience. The Mara is there for those who want to grab a quick bite and guess what they have – frozen POG juice!

But let’s get to the important stuff – the Savanna view rooms. Ya’ll they were insane. Let me put it this way… as we were walking to our room Bryan walked in his “I’m excited speed” and got to the room quite a bit before I did, yet I heard him scream from the hallway when he saw giraffes literally right outside of our balcony. The view from the room was enough to let us take tons of photos and just sit and watch. That is something we never do – we never just sit and watch on the balcony. And for those of you wondering – no it did not smell like animals. Confession alert – we slept at the opposite end of the bed with the shades fully open, just to watch the animals all night long. And to be honest – we don’t feel silly about that at all. You might do the same thing too! So, if you have the chance to stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, do it – it is worth every single dime! We would be happy to book your resort package at absolutely no extra cost.

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