The Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World Is…

Your family is ready to start planning your magical vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort. You start looking at work schedules, school breaks, and daily activities to find a week that works best for everyone in your family. You narrow it down to a few options and begin to look at them more closely. “Is summer too hot?” “Is it too crowded during our Spring Break?” “Will park hours be shorter?” When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World?  You find yourself back at the drawing board and debating when you should go. 

From peak seasons, to special events it can be difficult to determine the best time to visit Walt Disney World. While visiting during a special event may be a must for certain guests, traveling during great weather seasons may hold a higher weight for others. Which factors should you take into consideration? To be honest, both factors bring different positives and yes maybe a few personal negatives. For example, you might LOVE runDisney races, but the crowds during race weekend can get a little busy. Traveling in the summer might be perfect if you like the very warm temperatures but expect a rain shower or two each day (don’t worry they are short).

Throughout the year, special events add extra magic throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. The most well-known events may be the festivals that take place at Epcot. Just about every month of the year, festivals featuring food booths with unique menus, specialty merchandise and special performances on the America Gardens stage bring Epcot to life.

From Epcot we travel on over to the Magic Kingdom where the fall and winter are bursting with par-tays! If you think trick-or-treating down Main Street is fun, imagine snacking on holiday treats throughout the park. If you are like us, then both sound purely magical!

Maybe you like to get a little exercise on – then runDisney race weekends are for you! They are fun with a ton of special merchandise and you get to eat and eat and eat all the fabulous Walt Disney World food and not gain a thing!

Weather and crowds are two of the biggest topics we get asked regarding the “best” time to visit Walt Disney World. Central Florida has some magical weather but given that it is Florida the weather is unpredictable. Yes, it is hot, but there is air condition everywhere – and maybe you are like us and LOVE the heat. Then there is the “chilly season” where the highs might be in the hi 70’s, but the cool evening temperatures are in the mid 60’s. Brr. Okay, so it is not that bad, but when you get used to the heat, us Floridians cannot handle much below 75 degrees. Honest.

Okay, so when is the best time to go to Walt Disney World? That was your original question, right? Well…there is only one real answer…. When YOU decide to go! There is no magical equation, or perfect season. There is never a “down time” or “empty park season”. We are here to be your magic coordinators and we will work closely with you to help you determine what works best for your needs, interests and of course – wants. We will focus on what is most important for you to experience and make sure that no matter when you travel, you will have a magical and memorable experience. Trust us!

See ya real soon!

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