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To infinity and beyond or rather Disney Cruise Line and beyond. Right now, we are knee deep in planning Disney Cruise Line vacations. We have a wide range of cruise clients – some new to sailing Disney, and some veterans, but whether you are newbies or veterans, these tips will add a little bit of magic to your sailing!

Nom Nom Nom

Let’s be honest when you go on a cruise one of the things that you hear you do most often is eat drink and dance, however Disney Cruise Line has their own magical spin on the “traditional” daily and nightly cruise itinerary. One of the magical things about sailing Disney is the fact that soda and other types of non-alcoholic beverages are all-you-can-drink. There are also locations on the ship to grab food throughout the day without a surcharge. While technically these fabulous extras are not free, they already built into your cost of your Disney Cruise Line vacation.

Now, let’s focus on the “good stuff”, the food. Disney Cruise Line is home to rotational table-service dining. At these restaurants, you can order as many appetizers, entrees, and desserts as you want (and will eat) as well as make substitutions. Not quite full after your steak and want another piece? How about double up on the baked potato, because you are on vacation? Or maybe you are a cheesecake connoisseur and can have a second or quite possibly a third? No problem!

Okay, so we don’t exactly recommend ordering so much food that you only eat half of what is on each plate. Order what you feel like and are hungry for. Don’t be shy if you are still hungry!

Thank You Thank You

Though it might seem like a complicated concept, the idea of tipping is not really that difficult. Let us help you out. Your on-board stateroom account will be automatically charged a set amount towards the end of your cruise for services such as mousekeeping, your server, your assistant server, and the dining room manager. You are also given envelopes should you want to give more. If you would prefer to give a little less, no problem. All you will need to do is head to guest services on the ship to adjust the amounts.


This is a short one, but an important one. Disney Cruise Line ships cater to families – so the “club scene” is a bit tame on this ship. That being said, there are after hour lounges, clubs, activities and locations for couples, family and friends to enjoy “adult time” and get their groove on. Don’t be afraid to sail Disney without children, there is A LOT to do – we promise!

Rockets Away!

Fireworks anywhere are spectacular. Now, make them “Disneyfied” and remember that they are being launched from a floating vessel in the middle of the ocean – that is impressive if you ask us! Watching the fireworks is a completely unique experience and one that you may never do again (though we really hope you do), so join in the magic and prepare to be amazed.

Two Words – Personal. Navigator

When sailing Disney, there is SO much to do. From dining to Pirate Night to activities and shows. Your day on board the ship can certainly be packed (if you want it to be). We have heard over and over again, that taking a cruise means three things, eating, drinking and lounging. However, with Disney Cruise Line, that mentality is not necessarily true. Can you do those things? Yes! But there are so many other options that will keep you going all night long (all night – who is singing with us?)

You are provided a Personal Navigator each day that offers the daily schedule of events (all you technical savvies out there – you can also download the app). Follow it. Look at it every day! Make it a point to see and do at least one of those special events or activities every day! We suggest you grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and making time each morning to plan your day (or semi plan your day) to make sure you do everything that YOU want to do. Even though vacations can certainly be “go with the flow” and maybe that is how you want it, just make sure you are not missing out on some of the special offerings that only Disney can provide.

Rest Your Head

Opposite from the Disney Parks, many people tend to sleep in on the ships (though we highly suggest you take advantage of at least one sunrise). Those of you who are early birds, like us – take advantage. Explore the ship – it is an attraction all on its own. This is your perfect opportunity to take pictures without other guests making an appearance in your photos. Work out! Enjoy your coffee or tea and plan your day. While you won’t hear “the big fat bass” in the morning, you will find there is plenty to do at a more relaxed pace.

Now our sleepers, you do you! Take advantage of that change of pace and relax the way you want to relax (and yes, we still suggest that sunrise). While all Disney Destination Vacations are designed the way you want them to be designed, there is something to be said about relaxing aboard Disney Cruise Line.

Let’s get you planned shall we? Did you know we offer on-board credit as a gift for booking your Disney Cruise vacation through us? We cannot wait to start planning your magic on the seas!

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