New Year, New…….

That’s a wrap on 2019! Say hello to a fresh year and brand spankin’, shiny new decade. Folks this is… 2020. Whether you love them or hate them, don’t follow them at all or only follow them for a day, come January 1st you know you are thinking about them. Those mummers. Just kidding – we love the mummers; however, we are referring to resolutions.

 I have to say, the resolutions we made last year – we did a pretty darn good job staying with them. What we are learning this year, is while we still are following our resolutions, they became habits for us, and while we are just realizing this now – we love it. There is something about starting a new year, maybe it is the fact that so many of us will get frustrating accidently writing 2019 as the year for the next few weeks, or that we feel like we can start fresh again. It’s invigorating and hopefully inspiring.

Now think of those resolutions, you know – the serious ones. Write them down and move on for a moment, because we need to think about some well – other important resolutions.

Take a Disney Destination Vacation: Whether or not you want to go on a Disney Cruise sailing or Walt Disney World, a Disney Destination vacation is for EVERYONE! If you don’t feel that they are – reach out to us, I bet we can find something that would be of interest to you. Remember, Disney vacations are not just about characters, rides and shows – there are food, drinks, tours, treatments and other amazingly magical ways to tailor your vacation you.

Shop Small: Support small, local businesses. You will not be sorry. For us, there are absolutely no fees, no extra costs, no higher prices – nothing. We help create your magic. Whether you have an idea you want to see happen, or have no clue – we do the work, so you can go and enjoy. When you shop small and local, you cannot imagine the doors you are opening for those businesses.

Don’t Forget: Even if you know Disney like the back of your hand – don’t forget, there is absolutely no fee to book through Bryan and Tammi with Ears of Experience, LLC (, absolutely none. We are talking, whether you book with us or directly with Disney – the pricing is the same. We have so many friends who have become clients and clients who have become friends, who make sure to support us and we are forever grateful. Remember, we can be as hands-on or as hands-off and you would like us to be. We are here to serve you and make your vacation magical.

Go New: So you always stay at your favorite resort, eat at your favorite dining locations or sail your favorite itinerary… great but not new. This is the start of a NEW DECADE so get out there and experience something new! Try staying at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort instead of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, not because one is better than the other (that is an opinion of course), just try to see what a different resort has to offer. Go to Disneyland every year? How about sailing Disney for the first time!? Whatever it is you decide to do, try to incorporate something new, and if you are not sure what that is – we will help you out, Hakuna Matata!

Don’t Wait: Travel prices fluctuate do to so many things. Maybe a resort is popular or maybe room availability is low. Whatever it is, you are NEVER too early! Looking to go in 2020? We got ya covered. Looking to sail Disney in 2020 or 2021? All good on our end! Wanting to plan for 2021? We can start now! We price watch, so if a promotion comes out that lowers your vacation price – we will apply it. So to be honest, nothing is ever too early!

Try New: Looking to travel the world with the perfection of Disney – try Adventures by Disney! You get a Disney guide to a local guide as well as VIP experiences, trust us – you will not be disappointed.

So, whether you are all about the resolutions, or strongly dislike them – think about it this way, what do you want to do this year?

Happy New Year Ya’ll!

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