O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

“O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree. How lovely are thy branches?” If you love Christmas, trees or Disney, then you need to head on over to the Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs.

This year, Disney Springs’ Christmas Tree Trail hosts 23 gorgeously decorated Christmas trees. On each tree, you will find lanterns that enclose special ornaments that can be purchased at Days of Christmas.

Disney Springs’ Christmas Tree Trail is located near Once Upon a Toy in the Marketplace and will be open daily through January 5th, 2020 from 11:00am to 11:00pm. Guests wanting to visit with Santa can do so until December 23rd.

Grab yourself a drink from the Eggnoggery and a treat from Noelle Kringle’s Café and stroll on through the Christmas Tree Trail.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Go EARLY! The Christmas Tree Trail gets busy – really busy so we suggest you go early. If you are like us, and wishing to see the trees beautifully lit, come back later for a second round. This way, you have the opportunity to really see how the trees are decorated, but later you can see the magic of the lights and snow.
  2. Eat first. Make sure you grab a bite to eat before you go through the trail, so you can have a special sweet treat during your walk through. The worst thing you can do is eat all of those sugary snacks on an empty stomach. Ouch.
  3. Take photos of the trees. It can get a little nutty on the trail, so make sure you take photos of the trees so you can take a look back at them later.
  4. Check in for Santa early! We have seen the wait time for Santa as long as 7 ½ hours, so check in early and plan on hanging around The Springs for the day.

So grab your family, and head on over to Disney Springs for some good old fashioned Christmas and don’t forget the snacks! Merry Christmas friends!

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