Putting on the Ritz

High hats and narrow collars
White spats and lots of dollars
Spending every dime
For a wonderful time

Now, if you’re blue
And you don’t know where to go to
Why don’t you go where fashion sits
Puttin’ on the Ritz
Different types who wear a day coat
Pants with stripes and cutaway coat
Perfect fits
Puttin’ on the Ritz – Fred Astaire

This past weekend, many of us visited the Walt Disney World® Resort to celebrate the Fall Outing of Dapper Day! Dapper Day is one of the most popular, and most fashionable, “unofficial” days at Disneyland®, Walt Disney World® and even Disneyland® Paris. Guests get dressed up in their Sunday best to pay homage to back when fashion was classy. Dappers attire ranges from the 1920s to 1960s.  

On Dapper Day, many guests wear vintage clothes from the 1950s or other eras. The creativity from some many guests is overwhelming. Look closely and you will see outfits that range from their grandmother to outfits from the Disney Dress Shop. So many guests visit the parks in fancy frocks, white gloves, suits, ties, crinoline, suspenders and fedoras. The park somehow magically transports all guests back to another time when Walt Disney himself was still dreaming of Disneyland’s future.

Each resort is host to two Dapper Day weekends a year. Typically, the Dapper Day website will let you know which day will unofficially host the particular outing. For this past Dapper Day weekend at the Walt Disney World® Resort, guests strutted over to Disney Springs, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Now, while these days are not official “Disney Days”, the resorts are so happy to host a fun event. You will find cast members (more supervisors and area managers) donning top hats, suspenders, socks and heels and vintage jewelry. There will also be special pop-up shops, merchandise and even some food specials.

Now, that sounds amazing to us – but if Dapper Day is not your “thing”, no worries – plenty of guests dress in the typical theme park attire. However, if you want to feel a bit refined for the day, here are some helpful hints to help you enjoy Dapper Day!

Watch the Weather

1. Wear comfortable shoes and that goes for both males and females. Yes, we all want to look “the part”, but you certainly want to enjoy your day rather than feel you need to sit around to protect the toes.

2. Dress for the weather. It can get chilly, or super hot, so make sure you check that forecast before you plan your brilliant outfit.

3. Photos! Take advantage of every Photopass Photographer that you see and play the part!

4. Acknowledge the other Dappers with a head nod or a “you look so cute”. It is fun to be kind!

5. Dress appropriately! From comfort to the other – Dapper Day is supposed to celebrate the refined looks of the past, not see who can wear the shortest of dresses with the highest of knee highs.

6. Themed and matching attire is awesome. We matched our colors and saw many others do the same. We also caught some Figments, Orange Birds and Dapper Princesses along the way.

So it is time to embrace your inner Fred, Walt, Lillian and Ginger! Start looking for the Spring 2020 outings at Disneyland®, Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® Paris!

We look forward to booking your next vacation that coincides with the ever fun Dapper Day!

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