The Animation Experience

The Animation Experience at Conservation Station, which opened in early July, lets guests take a lesson from an animator and try their hand at drawing a Disney character.  Since we are totally skilled artists, we decided to give it a whirl the other morning. No seriously, stick figures are our thing; anything that does not fit that category is a bit much for us. Thank goodness the general Mickey Mouse shape is only three circles.

The class switches subjects each session, so you might be drawing a villain or another beloved animal from a Disney movie. Since Halloween is just around the corner, our 25-minute session started with a collection of videos of ferocious lions living their exciting and “exhausting” lives on the Savannah. Did you know the lionesses do all the hunting? Fun fact! Anyway, we watched these gorgeous beings because we were going to be drawing Scar from Disney’s The Lion King.

With our best animator faces on we sat down with a clipboard, a pencil, and a piece of paper with guidelines printed on it. Trust us – the guidelines are super helpful! The animator walks you through the drawing one simple line or shape at a time from “s” curves to half moons. They demonstrate live, and their work is projected on large TV screens for guests to follow along. You will definitely need to pay attention as the process begins slowly, but before you know it – you are three whiskers behind where you need to be.

At the end of the class, you walk away with a sketch signed by the artist — you. We loved the experience; the only critique we will give is how short the class is. So if you truly are an artist, bring a folder and an extra pencil, sit yourself down and let your family go a walkin’ so you can finish your piece of art. When you start planning your next trip to Walt Disney World, you will want to include the Animation Experience as one of your fastpasses, because the limited seating goes quickly.

And – DON’T FORGET! We are here to serve YOU and all at no extra cost! We cannot wait to start planning real soon!

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