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At Bryan and Tammi with Ears of Experience, LLC, we offer fee free travel concierge services for all Disney destinations land, sea and across the world, SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood. That’s what we offer, but what do we do right? We offer fee free travel concierge services. We know what you are thinking, how many times can we say fee free travel concierge services right? Right. We recently learned, that those terms, do not exactly tell what we do. Basically, we don’t create the magic; we organize it and place it in your hands. But in all honesty, here’s a little information session on what exactly we do.


Help: We help you plan your vacation from start to finish. From the moment you contact us about going to Disney, (and that means World, Land, Cruise line, Hawaii, or Adventures by Disney) we are your partners. We travel the planning road together.

Planning a vacation, let alone a Disney destination vacation is a lot of work. When to go, how much to spend, where to stay, how many days, how many parks, what kind of tickets, dining plan or no dining plan. And if a dining plan, which dining plan to choose. Those are the questions we will answer before we even think about getting you a quote.

Booking: Once we have what your dream vacation looks like (along with some details), we start the official process. If you visit a travel agent, most likely they will hand you your documents and adios you go, but with us – we are with you throughout the entire process, vacation included. To be honest, once you book – we are just getting started friends.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Promotion Watch: When promotions are announced that affect the cost of your trip, you better believe we grab them. Hakuna matata! If a promotion matches your vacation, we automagically adjust, without you even having time to think about it.

Dining & FastPass+ Reservations: This is the part that everyone either loves or loathes. Once we come up with a plan for your vacation, we will be the ones making the dining and fastpass reservations on your behalf. Can’t get up early because of work? That’s our job to take care of it!

Dreams: Don’t be surprised when we start asking about your wants, wishes, dreams, because whatever your dream vacation looks like in your head should look like when you visit.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Itinerary: With your suggestions of course, we will plan which parks on particular days, examining crowd calendars, looking into new experiences, weaving your wants into a plan that will save you time in line, spare you the stress of crowds, and take care of everyone in your family. All you will need to worry about is your coordinating outfits (which we can also help with). All of this will be gorgeously organized into a planning packet and itinerary for you to take with you on your vacation. A few weeks before you leave for your trip, you will get a tips and tricks packet for each park, with information that will tell you what to ride when, in what order, so that you are always a step ahead of the crowd. It will include detailed information on every aspect of your trip, from airport transportation, to how to get the most out of your dining plan, to the best location to watch the fireworks.

Personal: We mean it when we say that we are there with you every step of your trip. We are just a phone call or text away while you are there, answering any questions or concerns in real time as questions arise.

Magic Kingdom

Your Magic: We often have clients that prefer to book their dining and fastpasses on their own – totally fine, we are here for support. We have other clients that prefer to handle the details, but book with us because we are there for extra support and they want to help us grow our business. No matter how hands-on you prefer to be for your vacation, you will still receive that extra special travel packet!

Bottom Line: We take the stress out of planning your trip. We will weave your vacation dreams into reality, and I do all that at no cost to you. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Our services are 100% free.

So friends and future clients, whether you have been to Disney 1243424 times or have never sailed Disney or maybe you have the desire to visit Universal Studios – we are here to help you plan. Please help support our small business by booking your vacation through us and at no cost to you! Disney veterans, reach out! We have beautiful clients and friends who book with us, yet know the parks and seas like the back of their hands, some super hands-on and some hands-off.  Let’s create magic together.

Looking forward to being a part of your magic from start to finish!

Yours Truly


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