Chi Vuole Il Cibo Italiano?

Hai fame? We cannot tell a lie – if you are even the slightest bit hungry or even hangry, you have more options in Epcot than you probably know what to do with. One thing is for sure though – everyone loves Italian food. Hakuna matata for picky eaters (and one of the two of us is a self-proclaimed picky eater – just saying).

Enter Tutto Italia a table service restaurant in the heart of the Italian Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. Open for lunch and for dinner Tutto Italia has offerings that range from seafood to sandwiches. The atmosphere alone should draw you into the restaurant. There is an old world Italian feel with opulent paintings, dark colors, marble and glass. You will truly feel as though you are visiting your nonno e nonna in Calabria. The wait staff is attentive and kind, which is enough to make or break your experience.

Eggplant Parmesan
Penne Vodka

A typical meal at Tutto Italia begins with bread service, olive oil and olives. If you are an “olive lover”, you will certainly enjoy those little beauties. Us, altro pane, per favore. Next up was the main course. The food was beyond delicious. Think old world Italian flavors mixed with the magic of Disney Chefs where not even a sprig of arugula is out of place. The food is that good!

Bread and Service Greetings

Our meals included gnocchi, vodka penne, lasagna and eggplant parmesan. Of course, the meals had the most beautiful names. The vodka penne was loaded and we mean loaded with crab meat and the lasagna was cooked to perfection – no crispy dried out pieces here. We finised our meals – in their entirety and left room to share dessert. Trust us – that never happens.


We cannot recommend this little gem in the Italian Pavilion more. The prices are typical and do not vary much from regular pasta to pasta with seafood, so make sure you order what you want! If you have a dining plan – your meal is only one credit and will keep you filled for a very, very long time. So next time you are contemplating what you would like to eat (at your 180 dining mark), might we suggest Tutto Italia. Trust us, you will enjoy your meal and your experience. And hakuna matata, if you book through us, Bryan and Tammi with Ears of Experience, LLC we will make all of your dining reservations at no extra cost!

Benvenuti a Florida

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