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“I don’t need a Disney travel planner – we go all the time.” “I like to be in control of my vacation, so I would prefer to plan on my own.” “I’d rather not pay for someone to help plan our trip.” “I know all there is to know about Disney, so I don’t need a planner.” We hear these phrases all of the time. While you might be a planner yourself, or prefer to stay “in control” of your vacation, these are all things you CAN do when you have a travel planner for Disney. Let’s explain so…Disney veterans of the world come hither and let us tell you a little bit about why you will want to book your magic through a travel planner for all Disney destinations.

Even Mariachi Cobre Loves Bryan and Tammi with Ears of Experience, LLC

Disney Degree!

Travel planners for Disney, but take and pass the Disney College of Knowledge course (and updates) in order to book your magic. Not only are they taught about the “ins and outs” of magical vacations, but the focus is always centered on Walt’s beliefs of family, magic, imagination and dreams. As travel planners we learn about the resorts and parks, how far in advance dining reservations can be made, amenities of staying on property, transportation and so much more. Not only do

Time Saver

If time is a limited resource then you don’t even need another reason to book your Disney vacation with a travel planner. We feel it is important to take care of all of the little details for you, because as you all know – they may get overwhelming. Planning a surprise trip? We can make your life a bit easier, but making the hard to grab reservations for you. But we also have a handful of clients who prefer to book their dining reservations and fastpasses on their own and that is awesome as well! They know that on their reservation day, we are available for them if they need us.

Putting the BoardWalk to Bed

Best Pricing and Promotion Watch

One of the things that guests might now realize is that our services are 100% free. There is no “catch”, we do the planning for you. The price is exactly the same if you book through Disney yourself, however after booking with us – we will price watch for promotions. Disney only offers a limited number of promotions. A travel planner for Disney will grab the promotions (should they fit your package & dates) and automatically apply them to save you some extra bucks!  We are often asked… “What if I booked my package before any discounts were released?” Hakuna matata! If applicable to your travel dates, the promotion will be applied to your package. We LOVE saving our clients money!

Itinerary Planning

Planning our Future & Your Vacation

From your dining reservation confirmations to your fastpass times, we create an itinerary with tips and tricks and all of your important information in one place. Of course we know that My Disney Experience has your reservation available to you as well for backup!

One Voice to Speak to

An Incredible Couple That’s Easy to Plan With

We are the people you speak to in regards to your vacation and reservations. We LOVE getting to know our clients and their dreams for their vacation. It is a personal experience that we take to heart. Each vacation, long or short, deluxe or value is equally important to us.

In case of an Emergency

Need to cancel a dining reservation or you can’t make your tour because you are sick – we have got you covered. Know that whether you need us or not – we are there.

You Will Truly Get to Relax

Relax and enjoy your vacation. Whether you want us to take care of all the detail or you prefer to do that yourselves, know that you are in the best hands.

Support Local Businesses

Dreaming Up Your Next Disney Destination Vacation

It does not cost you anything, but it means the absolute world to us. Know that you are supporting us and our business. Just as we are here for you and your vacation, you are there for us, helping to grow our business, one that means everything to us. In our field, we grow from our clients and their support. We will never be able to put into words, what it means to us when you book a vacation through us. Just know it is MAGICAL.

Remember those statements from the beginning of the blog? Let’s go back to them.

1. “I don’t need a Disney travel planner – we go all the time.” – That is great! We too are huge fans, but let us take care of the details so you can go and have fun. You might not need us, be we would be honored to be a part of your vacation. We can simply be here as support. You are always in the driver’s seat of your vacation.

2. “I like to be in control of my vacation, so I would prefer to plan on my own.” – This is YOUR vacation. We are here to plan, offer tips and tricks and help you out. If you prefer to make the plans, go for it! Just know we are here to help.

3. “I’d rather not pay for someone to help plan our trip.” – Our services are 100% free. There is no catch!

4. “I know all there is to know about Disney, so I don’t need a planner.” You might not want one or even need one, but we would love to be a part of your vacation. We enjoy in sharing your memories and special moments. As travel planners we can be as “hands-on” or as “hands-off” as you would like us to be.

So the next time you go on a Disney Cruise for the fortieth time or are basically residents at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort – remember those small businesses who would be beyond honored to be a part of your magic.

Say Goodnight to Your Past Planning Days and Good Morning to Your NEW Magic!

Your referrals are our most MAGICAL compliments!

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