Who Says Rain is a Bad Thing?

If you are visiting the Walt Disney World ® resort, we are certain of one particular thing – your schedule is pretty much packed with dining reservations, fast passes, character meets and the occasional snoozefest at the pool. Your magical vacation has been planned for over nine months and is literally perfection. Then it happens – rain. Unfortunately, the rain is not in your control. I mean, how do you think Florida got their lush green landscapes? We can be sure of one thing – it was not from a dry climate. Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to cancel your plans just because it is raining.

Unless you are facing hurricane weather or lighting storms, the Walt Disney World ® resort operates as usual. If you are not sure what to do when a little rain comes your way while on vacation, let us help you out and perhaps relax you a bit, because most likely it will happen


There’s nothing you can do to stop the rain. Accept this. Allow your mind to rest at ease that it is okay to change your plans, your itinerary will not fall apart, we promise. You will want to have a plan, as rain can happen at any time, whether or not you see it in the forecast. Don’t try to escape the rain. There’s nothing worse than being with a bunch of other grumpy people all trying to escape the rain. Be with the cool people riding all the rides, eating the treats (hopefully not soggy). Hey, if Gene Kelly dance and sing in the rain, well then by all means – you can too.

Rainy day fun


Rain Gear: Ponchos or rain coats are super doper important. Whether you buy a poncho from the Emporium or bring your own, make sure you take it with you every single day. They are not that large so if you do have a backpack or a purse with you, think about bringing that poncho with you every day.

Backpack or Crossbody Bag: These are easy to wear under your poncho and it is the best way to keep hands free and stuff dry. Just make sure your poncho or rain jacket covers your bag (adjust the straps if needed).

Shoes: This is a tricky one. If you know it is going to rain at some point, you might want to pack an extra pair of shoes and socks with you. If you are “into” flip flops in the park, try wearing as your feet will dry much faster. Just be careful of your shoe choice. You do not want to hurt your feet for the rest of your vacation, so in all honesty – think of the shoes that you will be most comfortable in and if all else fails and there is a high percentage of rain, consider bringing extra and renting a locker.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is an awesome park if you do not want to slow down. Try to avoid the outdoor rides like, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Dumbo, Magic Carpets of Aladdin and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (they are weather permitting), but the rest should be mostly at your service (Splash Mountain is a maybe). Many rides and attractions at Walt Disney World are fairly long and most cues are under cover. In all honesty, you cannot go wrong with a rainy day when you are at the Magic Kingdom and you might be lucky to catch the Rainy Day Calvalcade!

Rainy day on Main Street USA is better than a rain day at home.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is great, because the attractions and shows are long. If safe, Kilimanjaro Safaris will run and during or after rain, the animals are typically really active. Animal Kingdom would most likely not be our first choice of park to attend when expecting a day long rain storm, due to the size and spacing. While the attractions and shows are long, you might have to walk a bit to get to them.

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is probably one of the easiest parks to escape the rain because of all of their shows! Between the Frozen Sing-a-Long and Beauty and the Beast to Voyage of The Little Mermaid and Indiana Jones (weather permitting) – you have quite the options. Toy Story Land on the other hand is not super covered, so if you are expecting to spend a great deal of time in this area, try coming back when it’s not a deluge.

Rainy day in Hollywood Studios


Epcot is probably the easiest park to take in during a longer rain storm. Is it big? Yes. Is there potential for a lot of walking? Sure. But to be honest, there is something for everyone around each corner which can take up a good chunk of time and also keep your tummy full. If you happen to venture to World Showcase, the attractions and movies are lengthy and there are plenty of areas where people can shop and eat. Epcot in the rain allows for more guests to spread out, rather than be cramped in the stores.

The World Showcase also has several areas that can be explored inside while it rains, our favorite is probably Mexico with its open air market and Grand Fiesta Tour boat ride, which almost never has a long wait. Almost all the countries have indoor movies showing the country history and all have gift shops as well.

Resort Hop

If you are staying on property and have a free day, this would be best used on a rainy day. With the many resorts located on Disney property, one of the best rainy-day activities is resort hopping! Depending on where you are staying, the best way to begin resort hopping is jumping on a monorail. Take the monorail around and explore the Contemporary Resort, Polynesian Village Resort, and the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. With shopping, food, and the most beautiful lobbies around, this is a great way to stay dry and still have fun. From here, jump on the monorail to Epcot and enjoy the ride! With the many resort buses located at the theme park bus depots, you can head on over to Port Orleans French Quarter for some coffee and beignets.

Resort hopping in style

Don’t let the rain get you down. It will happen and sometimes for an hour or sometimes for a day, but you cannot let it ruin your magic. You can enjoy your Walt Disney World ® vacation rain or shine! Just do us a little favor and consider a few things when it does rain… please take off your poncho before sitting down in a dry area and don’t forget, when you shake off the water, watch out for others around you.

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