Disney Magic * Disney Fantasy * Disney Wonder * Disney Dream – Which One is for Me?

One ship, two ship, red ship, blue ship – which ship is which!? One of the questions we get is when sailing Disney, which ship they should choose. For the most part, your choice of ship might be determined by the adventure your family wants to go on. It will also be determined by where you would like to go for your departing part as well as the length of cruise. Let us take a look at what each cruise ship has to offer other then specific departure ports and itineraries.

Ship Size

Disney Cruise Line® has two larger sized ships and two smaller sized ships as of right now. The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are considered to be their larger fleets with 14 floors and a guest capacity of approximately 4,100. On the smaller side, the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder fleets have 11 floors and have a guest capacity of approximately 2,400. Rumor has it the new fleets set to arrive between 2021 & 2023 will be larger than the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy.


It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that… the bigger the ship, the larger the crowds. If you are someone who easily feels claustrophobic a larger ship, at busy times might now be your best fit. Larger seems like more room right? Yes and no. During different experiences, such as the Sail Away Party and Pirate Night, there are a lot of people crammed into a small, tight space such as the atrium which might feel uncomfortable for some. Being Disney, one should expect larger crowds; however the feeling of claustrophobia should not be a stressor on your magical vacation.

Now this isn’t to say that you can experience bigger crowds on smaller ships or smaller crowds on bigger ships. But this is a larger factor to consider. Big crowds may cause extra stress in your vacation and that is not good. If you’re looking for a more intimate vacation, considering booking a big ship during off-season or a smaller ship altogether. If you don’t mind the crowds and enjoy being surrounded by like-minded Disney folk, then maybe you want more of the perks of the larger ships.

Ship Specific

Lumiere’s – Disney Magic

AquaDunk – Disney Magic

Triton’s – Disney Wonder

Tiana’s Place – Disney Wonder

Royal Palace – Disney Dream

Vanellope’s Sweets – Disney Dream

Sweet on You – Disney Fantasy

Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy

Flo’s Cafe

Enchanted Garden



Disney Magic & Disney Wonder

Pete’s Boiler Bites

Pinocchio’s Pizzeria

Now it is time to figure out the adventure that is out there waiting for you. Where does your heart take you?  Regardless of where you decide to leave from and where your adventure takes you, when it comes to a Disney Cruise Line® vacation, you truly cannot go wrong with any of them. As always, when it is done by Disney – it is done with perfection and magic. Bon Voyage!

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