Fried, Crispy and Savory Oh My

If you ask our opinion, the Walt Disney World® Resort has the most magical food. We don’t care if they are chicken tenders, popcorn or filet mignon; their food is literally out of this world. Now, it could be that we are Disney fanatics, but we like to give credit where credit is due and to be honest, Disney takes great pride in the quality and service of their food and that is evident. Recently, we participated in the VIP Taste of the Magic Kingdom Tour and we not only learned, but saw the care, love and magic that is put into each recipe. Now, onto something that makes our mouths water and our tummies rumble – the one, the only – French fries!

No, we are not kidding we LOVE all things potatoes and French fries are at the top of our list. There is just something about their savory goodness that keep us coming back for more and more. So if you are like us, and love the crispy goodness of old fashioned French fries then keep on reading to find our favorite spots at the Walt Disney World Resort!

Mr. Kamal’s Seasoned Fries

5. Mr. Kamal’s Seasoned Fries Mr. Kamal’s – Disney’s Animal Kingdom: A basket of hot seasoned fries, topped with cool tzatziki salad and sriracha ketchup. Now, don’t be concerned by the term “hot” – these fries were not spicy. Sure they had a bit of a kick to them, but just enough were you weren’t adding to your already Florida sweaty-ness. We ordered the sauces on the side, as we decided to eat them on the other side of the park, but we loved the sauces. If you are in the mood for seasoned fries – these are for you! They are nothing fancy, but somehow hit the right spot. More please!

4. Southwestern Steak Fries ABC Commissary – Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Signature steak fries dusted in chili-lime seasoning finished with chipotle aioli drizzle and queso fresco. See ya later; if you need us we will still be here devouring this goodness. We’re not sure if it is the zesty seasoning, the spiky drizzle or the thick, salty fries, but every bite is loaded with flavor. Just don’t plan on returning to your resort for an afternoon swim, because these babies are heavy!

3. Plaza Fries Plaza Restaurant – Magic Kingdom: French fries topped with melted cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and ranch dressing. Nom nom nom! Okay, we can do without the tomatoes, but regardless these fries are loaded with flavor. The fries are freshly cut and crispy with a perfect balance of salt and pepper. Ask for a side of dipping sauces and you might just think you are eating the closest fries you can get to pommes frites.


2. Totchos Woody’s Lunchbox – Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Just trust us – you will want these. Imagine, crispy tater tots topped with a creamy queso and even more shredded cheese, famed “Disney chili”, green onions, and a huge dollop of cool sour cream. It’s simple food done right, and in a large enough portion that you could certainly make a meal out of this one bowl. The tater tots are plump and stuffed allowing the chili to sit on top so when you bite in, it literally is a party in your mouth of tot, cheese and chili.

Heaven or Poutine

1. Poutine Refreshment Port – Epcot: French fries, gravy and cheese curds. We. Can’t. Even! These are so delicious! The Refreshment Port in Epcot offers different flavors as well as the Daily Poutine in Disney Springs. We will be 100% honest, for years we skipped around these fries, feeling like we would not like them, but we were wrong. These are fries that you should share with your family, but totally cannot. Make sure to order your own folks – they are that good. And somehow, just somehow with all the delicious goo that is put on top of them, they are super dooper crispy!

So there you have it – our top five locations to find delicious French fries. Now to be honest, there are amazing pork loaded fries, or chili cheese fries or just regular old French fries everywhere on property that are totally scrumptious, but there are something about these ones that standout in our memory. It could have been that we were a bit hangry that day (Mr. Kamal’s fries) or that we wanted to try something new (Totchos), but regardless Disney outdid themselves once again. From us potato lovers – we thank you!

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