Cupcake Craze

Cupcakes at Disney are something of a running joke. It seems like Disney has a special cupcake for every occasion, and while there’s a certain humorous truth to this, there’s good reason for it: they are all delicious. The varieties are limitless, from crazy toppings and size to interesting flavors and fillings, the chefs at Walt Disney World® have pretty much tried them all and continue to experiment.

Celebration Cupcake

Ears: There is no shame in collecting Minnie Mouse Ears as an adult – keep ‘em coming, but oddly enough, cupcakes are starting to mimic the newest fashion of ears and we love it! From rose gold and millennium pink to the newest purple potion and imagination pink themes the cupcake recipes are endless. This past trip we loved every type of rose gold cupcake we could find. Who knows if it is the taste (they are scrumptious) or the fact that they are absolutely photo perfection, but whatever it is the chefs at the Walt Disney World® Resort have certainly gotten our attention.

Rose Gold & Guava Filled

Seasons: The best thing about the changing of the seasons is not just the weather change, but the cupcake change! Each season and holiday brings about their own special flavors from peppermint and pumpkin spice to marshmallow and blueberry lemon. We love them all. If you think the flavors are amazing, imagine how each cupcake is designed and decorated with Disney magic. We are here to tell you that these cupcakes look TOO GOOD to eat. Guess what! They even have specialty birthday cupcakes for some of the most beloved characters.

Instagram: Besides the Walls of Walt Disney World®, cupcakes are widely photographed and yep posted! We LOVE that! While we post a lot ourselves, we find out about so many magical cupcakes, sweet treats and snacks through Instagram users. Try typing in different key words in the search bars and imagine all the delicious goodness you will find. A few years back, we saw someone on Instagram had posted a Spaceship Earth themed cupcake and we just HAD to have one. Not only was it delicious, but it looked amazing. Remember, those who follow you want to see your photos so post away – we sure do!

Mouseketeer Cupcake

Personal Challenge: A few years back, we made it a goal to try new snacks and sweet treats while on vacation at Walt Disney World®! Thanks so different social media platforms and blogs, we were able to find endless NEW surprises to try! For your next trip, make it a point to try new things, not only because they sound delicious, but maybe just because they look cool. We cannot tell you how fun it is to split the snack and try another. There are also many different “cupcake crawls” you can Google for your next trip. Anywhere from resort themed to princess themed, they are out there!

Rose Gold at Port Orleans Riverside Resort

We know what you are thinking, are there really THAT many cupcakes? Well, yep, yep there are. It is impossible to keep a list of the cupcakes that are available on property not only because of how many there are, but how often they are re-imagined with delicious magic! On your next Walt Disney World® vacation, what cupcakes are you hoping to find? Better yet, so us your cupcake photos! We cannot wait to see all the fun ones you found!

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