Happy New Year & Earsaversary!

Happy New Year! Crazy it is 2019 already! Where did this past year go? We have a lot to celebrate today, not only have we turned the calendar page to a brand new year, but we are celebrating our 3rd Anniversary!


Who knew that just 3 years ago, this business would grow into what it is today. Was it hard work? YES! Was it worth it? Double YES! It is hard to find a job that you LOVE and we have found our dream job! Over the last few years, we learned a lot (and continue to). We learned that hard work and effort pays off. We learned that no matter what always tell someone you meet (and know) what you do. We saw that referrals are HUGE and your word of mouth has helped us tremendously! We became aware that social media is a great way to share what we are about and what we do.

So yes, we have learned a lot and what is even more exciting is that we continue to grow and learn each day. We have met so many people that have helped us grow our business. From family, neighbors, colleagues, old friends and new friends – YOU have put us where we are today! THANK YOU for your love. THANK YOU for spreading the word. THANK YOU for your referrals and THANK YOU for your support.


We truly take pride in planning your magic the way YOU want it! The beautiful thing about a Disney Destination Vacation is that it can be tailor-made to your family’s wishes. From the experiences to the excursions, you can honestly say a Disney Destination Vacation is 100% unique to you.

As we look ahead together, whether or not the New Year celebration or resolutions are your thing, let’s discover together how to make it even more magical. We hope to make 2019 (and 2020 when the packages are released) just as special as you have made it for us!

To start the year off with some bubbly- let’s throw in a 2019 special!

  • Be the first to book with us for 2019 and receive two Disney themed champagne flutes!

Magical New Year!

To celebrate our 3rd Earsaversary – help us by spreading the word of our social media accounts!

  • When we get to 500 likes on Facebook, one of our followers will receive two personalized wine glasses (or drink glasses) with your favorite Disney movie/song or attraction quote.
  • When we get to 300 followers on Instagram @mousinaroundtravel, one of our followers will also receive two personalized wine glasses (or drink glasses) with your favorite Disney movie/song or attraction quote.

2019 is going to be one heck of a busy year for the Walt Disney Company with the opening of so many magical attractions, areas, and experiences. We cannot wait to share the magic with you! Please think of us for your future Disney Destination Vacations! If you are a part of a parent group, dance team, soccer organization or a business we would love to work together with YOU to share the magic.



Your referrals are our most MAGICAL compliments!

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