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We know the feelings of New Year’s Eve all too well as it is packed with so many emotions. From excitement and happiness to reminiscing of the year past, New Year’s can get a bit well… emotional to say the least. And let’s be honest, New Year’s celebrations can be filled with stress and pressure. What party should you go to? What should you wear? That meal costs how much?? Do I have to stay up until midnight? Did I remember to buy sauerkraut and pork? Oh boy, oh boy – as fun as New Year’s Eve can be, it is a lot of work. This year (or next), leave your cares at home and hit the high seas with a New Year’s Eve celebration on a Disney Cruise Line.

With crowds kept to the typical ship population to special events and activities, sailing Disney during New Year’s is the perfect way to start the new year! From the moment you step on board, your worries should melt away. Let us, as well as your friendly Disney Cruise cast members take care of all the details – all you need to do is show up and get ready to relax and party of course. Now let’s get down to what a typical New Year’s Eve celebration on board the Disney Cruise Line might look like.

Let’s start at the very beginning (which is a very good place to start), daytime activities might depend if you are on port or at sea. Once night begins to fall, get ready because the ship will rock and roll with celebrations for all ages. Though Disney Cruise Line is geared to families of all ages, New Year’s Eve brings a bit more of a “fancy feel”. So lay out your best sequined dress and suite and add a little extra hairspray with the salty air and you are good to go.

Your dining rotation will feature a special New Year’s Eve menu, making the holiday festivities feel nothing short of perfect. After dinner, you might want to check out your stateroom for some special New Year’s souvenirs – you guessed it top hats, tiaras and noisemakers! Once you have your New Year’s “musts” head up to the deck for the new Year’s Eve deck party!

As midnight approaches, there will be mini celebrations in different areas of the ship. From balloon drops to fireworks, take a look at your navigator to pick the spot that is just perfect for you and your family. If you are up on the deck, get those cameras ready, because as the countdown approaches you will find beloved Disney characters dressed in their New Year’s best joining in on the festivities. As if it cannot get any more exciting once the clock strikes twelve and a few kisses happen here and there then the firework show begins!

Sound like a typical New Year’s Eve celebration to you? Nope! It’s pure magic! The gala starts as the sun sets and continues well into the morning. If you are traveling with children of all ages, there will be special celebrations for them as well! Imagine starting the New Year with a renewed sense of relaxation and enchantment as you begin your year traveling from port to port.

If you don’t have any plans for this New Year’s you might want to think about setting sail with Disney Cruise Line. Planning the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration on-board Disney Cruise Line is never too late – that’s what we are here for! We look forward to helping you plan your New Year’s magic!

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