Liberty Square Walt Disney World®

Liberty Square embodies Walt Disney’s love of his country. This special part of Magic Kingdom showcases all things American. A replica Liberty Bell and Liberty tree can be found here. A fun fact is that there are actually no bathrooms in Liberty Square to keep to the colonial theme.

“I get red, white, and blue at times.” -Walt Disney


Haunted Mansion- This iconic attraction houses it’s Happy Haunts. This is one of our favorite rides in Walt Disney World®


The Hall of Presidents – A recently revamped show features all Presidents of the USA in this amazing tribute to America.

Liberty Square Riverboat – Take a nice leisurely ride through Rivers of America


Great Moments In History – Hear your favorite Muppets re-enact some famous American moments

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Liberty Tree Tavern- In the mood for Thanksgiving any day of the year? Then this is your place. There are six unique rooms that feature some great colonial period furniture

Columbia Harvest House – At the quick service location you can find sandwiches, chicken,and some seafood options

Sleepy Hollow – Find some quick snacks and some delicious waffle sandwiches, coffee, and desserts


Memento Mori – Find all your Haunted Mansion themed gifts here

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe – Who doesn’t love Christmas all year round? We love to stop here and each year we decorate one Christmas tree in all Disney ornaments. During each trip we take to Disney or Disneyland we like to add at least one new ornament.

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