Will I Need Moolah for Castaway Cay?

So it is the beginning of fall and while we are enjoying the boots, sweaters and pumpkin spiced everything – you got it; we are missing the summer already! Now is about the BEST time to plan a Disney Cruise sailing! There are so many wonderful 2019 itineraries, but a favorite will always be sailings with a stop at Castaway Cay.

While sailing Disney includes A LOT – it’s not 100% inclusive. To be honest, the most common question we get is not about alcohol inclusion or if the candy shops are already paid for (they are not), it is the wonder of what is included while on Castaway Cay.

Imagine pulling into port and there you have it – Disney’s PRIVATE Island in the Bahamas – Castaway Cay! Many of their itineraries make a stop at Castaway Cay and it is beyond paradise. When you step off of port, it is really important to be prepared for what is and what is not included.

Kids Club: If your kiddos need to get a little break from you (and are of proper age) they can spend their day frolicking around Scuttle’s Cove. Of course, you will need to drop the off prior to enjoying your time on Serenity Bay, which is the adult’s only beach. I know what many of you are thinking; we are just kidding no one actually needs a break from anyone while on a family vacation. But just remember, Disney has special activities planned for kids (and it’s their vacation too), why not let them have some fun enjoying the special Disney treatment!

Beach Chairs and Sunburn Preventing Umbrellas: No need for payment here – find your piece of paradise, breakout the sunscreen and enjoy the majesty of crystal clear water and white sand beaches. No paying for chairs or umbrellas here! There are also fun water slides in the water – again no extra charge!

Towels: Who wants to pack a beach towel? Not me! You certainly wouldn’t want to bring your fluffy Disney Cruise Line towels onto the island, so I guess that means sliding and sticking to plastic beach chairs doesn’t it? No it certainly does not! Disney thinks of everything we need and allows their guests to truly have a magical experience without having to worry about the small things (like towels). The worst thing is figuring how to dry out your wet and sandy in your cabin. So as you are disembarking the ship, you will be handed as many towels as you want at no charge. Don’t forget to return the towels back to the ship at the end of your day.

Food Glorious Food: This is Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, so no; you will not need to purchase your meals here. If you are spending the day on the island, you will treated to a wonderful buffet lunch with food for everyone (including those picky eaters). Soda and water is included, but like on the ship, alcohol is available for an additional fee. All the extras surrounding lunch would be extra, but with a buffet like the one provided – who knows where you would be able to put more food.

Service: It’s Disney, service is impeccable! All cast members along with the crew make you feel like kings and queens, princes and princesses. This is your home away from home, and they are dedicated to make it feel like that for you.

We too would like to be a part of offering you exceptional service. If you are interested in sailing Disney, it would be our pleasure to help plan your magic. See ya real soon!

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