Second Seating – Why Not!

Congratulations and a future Bon Voyage to you as you have just booked yourself (or us rather) a sailing on board the Disney Cruise Line! We can promise you that you will absolutely not be disappointed! Here’s the deal though, you booked a little last minute and you scored yourself the second dining seating. Hakuna Matata! If you are not sure how the second seating will work for your family, check out how it can actually be to your benefit!

Let’s start at the very beginning! When you book a Disney Cruise Line vacation there are two dining assignments the main seating (seating between 5:45pm & 6:15pm) and the second seating (seating between 8:00pm & 8:30pm). Let’s start by saying that if the second seating does not work for you and your little adventurers, we can always contact the ship to put you on a waiting list. (Hint – this is why it’s really important to book early). For those of you with older adventurers or those on your second, third and twentieth anniversary of your honeymoon second seating arrangements may just be to your benefit!

  1. Atmosphere – The atmosphere in all of the restaurants is much more laid back and a bit quieter (sorry little ones). If you are looking to have a more relaxed dinner, the second option is best for you!
  2. That’s Entertainment – While the main diners are eating, you get to see the shows, movies and live entertainment first. I don’t know about you, but I’m much more alert early on in the evening and I can guess that is the same for travelers of all ages (especially kiddies).
  3. Don’t Rush – This is huge! When you are out and about enjoying Castaway Cay or another port, you will not have to worry about rushing back to the ship to get ready for dinner. I’ll be honest, I would have no problem enjoying paradise a bit longer.
  4. Dine & Play – Dine & Play is only offered during the second seating. Which means, once your kids are finished eating (and should they want to leave) a youth counselor will come escort your kids to the activities area.
  5. Snack – You are onboard the Disney Cruise Line which means they will have pretty magical snacks! Take advantage of them! Don’t forget to try all of the glorious food at the various ports you will be visiting!

See?! There are plenty of reasons why the second dining seating is actually more magical! Remember, this is YOUR vacation. You and your party need to enjoy it the way you want to enjoy it. If the second dining option is not what is best for your family, try the waitlist. If the waitlist does not pan out for you, then make the BEST of the situation. Remember, you are sailing Disney – how much more magical can it get?

If you are like us, we would actually prefer second dining. The treats and snacks you will be able to have, a more relaxed and quiet dinner, an earlier show time and not rushing back to the ship are more than enough reasons for us to say adios to a 5:45pm dinner bell.

So… what do you think you would prefer?

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  1. Since we’re from the west coast, I think second seating would be better for us if we took an east coast cruise.

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