Why to Stay on Disneyland Property!

Disneyland – the ORIGINAL park. Once you step foot on Main Street USA, you are literally stepping in Walt Disney’s footsteps. Disney fan or not – it’s such a cool feeling. From our area, the trend is definitely Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney World – we need to start changing that trend and adding Disneyland! If you have not been there – make it a part of your bucket list (is that still a thing?). We are here to help you get the most out of your dollar for your future Disneyland vacation while staying AT the Disneyland Resort.

Time Time Time: Do not be fooled, just because you are not visiting four theme parks during your vacation does not need you have the glory of time. Quite honestly, you do not. Get to the parks early! You can do a lot and see a lot more if you rise and shine early! Coming to the parks later is not always the best bet. Later in the day lines are longer, the sun is hotter and people get a bit crankier so definitely get to bed at a decent hour and set that alarm clock. Remember that it’s okay to take afternoon breaks. You do not need to have a “go go go” mentality. ENJOY the park!

Freedom: When you stay at a Disneyland Resort hotel, opportunities are at your fingertips. If you need a break from the park, you can leave and return when you are ready. Transportation is a cinch with the close proximity and the benefit of the Monorail. Staying on property also means having access to Extra Magic Hours – which will help you get things done! Just imagine, when using Extra Magic Hours, you might have already completed four or five attractions before the gates open, trust us, that’s A LOT!

Relaxation: Of course, when you are on vacation, relaxation becomes a “loose” term. It’s okay to take your time on vacation. When staying at a Disneyland Resort, part of your vacation fun should be to check out all of the amazing resorts. Try their restaurants, their food, their drinks and yes – their pools. One of our favorite places at the Disneyland Hotel is Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar. It’s not only themed after our favorite attractions, but the drinks are indescribable. The food is delicious with a flare of Polynesian fusion and they have – souvenir cups (yes, that is important)!

People will always ask if it is cheaper to stay off property. In all honesty, the answer could be yes, but then again, how much money are you spending on transportation to and from the park, or even on parking? In addition – you will NOT get the Disney experience. If you are visiting a Disney Park, take advantage of their resorts. You will truly feel like you are in a Fantasyland of some sort. The time, the experience, the freedom and the relaxation will all be well worth the money spent to stay on property.

We would love to help you plan your next Disney Destination vacation, whether it be to the Disneyland Resort or sailing on the Disney Cruise Line. Contact us today! Remember, when booking a package through us – all of our services are free! We look forward to hearing from you!

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