Back to School Blues

So school is about to start (if not already) and the mixed emotions are driving all of us a little batty! Kids, parents and teachers are all feeling it – excited, sad and anxious! I bet you are also going through the past few months wondering if you “did enough”. Well whether or not you feel like you did or did not, now is the absolute best time to start planning a Disney Destination vacation, but then again when is it NOT a good time??!!

Let’s talk 2019! It’s here baby. The 2019 rates are upon us and if you are waiting for the promotions to be released – well don’t! If you use a travel planner, like us (wink wink) we can automatically apply the promotions to your package as long as they fit. If you are interested in dining reservations, we are already well into the 180 day window for 2019. However, if dining is not your priority, then the deals are now! Once school starts, the rates and the crowds for a Disney Destination vacation decrease dramatically (with the exception of time around holidays and special Disney events). With that being said… teachers close your eyes, because parents, you might want to think about pulling your kids from school and head for the mouse house.

We get it, I get it, teachers are not necessarily going to “rah rah sis boom bah” your vacation during school, but we are here to help and offer suggestions that will make you, your kids and their teachers happy!

  1. Be Honest! If you know of your vacation in advance, let the teachers know. It’s no one’s business to know that the trip is a thousand dollars cheaper one set of dates versus another, but it is helpful to know that you will be on vacation. Everyone appreciates honesty, nothing can ever go wrong with that.
  2. Check Grades! Before telling us to place your deposit, check their grades and absentee record! There is nothing worse than having administration tell you that summer school is looking swell because of how many days little Minnie has missed. You want to make those kids work for their vacation! Slacking off (period), but especially before vacation is not showing that they are responsible enough to take time off. Remind them that it is a privilege to travel on vacation, but an even extreme one during the school year so keep those grades soarin’!
  3. Check the Calendar! Remember obligations for all students.From sports and activities to field trips and special performances, these are activities that your child will not want to miss. While some may be flexible, other activities may require your child to be in attendance through the season. Standardize test weeks, are weeks that you are going to want to avoid. Some schools allow for makeup assessments, others do not. Plus, it is really difficult to schedule makeup tests without having your child miss even more school.
  4. Communicate! Make sure you communicate with the teacher (or your child if they are old enough); to let them know the dates you will be away. It’s always helpful to ask for work in advance that way the kids can do a little somethin’ somethin’ on the plane. Please be patient with the teachers as some teachers may have it ready to go in advance, others may send work to complete during the trip and some may prefer your child to make up the work upon return. Remember, work in advance is to help you and your children, and it is not necessarily easier for the teacher.
  5. Say Thank You! When you return, get those kiddies back to school. Sure they are going to be tired and probably a little cranky that their lunch does not conclude with a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, but they will get over it. If the kiddos are able to self-advocate for themselves, have them chat with their teacher to make sure they are caught up and if they are not, they should schedule time with the teacher (at the teachers convenience) to makeup assessments etc. The teacher’s plans probably adjusted while you were away; therefore it’s always helpful to keep communication lines open! And while we’re at it, remember student work is for students to complete 🙂


We cannot stress how important it is for EVERYONE to be able to take a break from reality. If you are a teacher, you have days – use them (don’t abuse them) and treat yourself. If you are a parent, breathe – it’s okay to take your kids out of school. Financially and schedule wise, it might be easier for your family again – that’s okay! Life is too short, take advantage of the opportunities put before you! Trust us, no project will stand in the way of an extra day at Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival (don’t worry it will get done). Plus, who can argue with an incredible deal? We certainly can’t!


Oh and one more BIG THING! Don’t forget to bring your teacher home a little souvenir. Something as small as a pen or a map en español goes a long way. Teachers feel extra appreciated knowing that you were thinking of them on vacation!

We would love to help plan the magic of your next Disney Destination vacation! There are amazing deals right now at the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts as well as sailing Disney. And don’t forget it is Mahalo season at Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa! What could be better than great deals and fantasmic weather?

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