MaxPass vs. FASTPASS?!

We know what you are probably thinking; the FASTPASS system at Disneyland is identical to Walt Disney World right? Well, kind of right and kind of wrong. Similar to Walt Disney World, Disneyland also has a FASTPASS system where you can bypass the lengthy lines and feel like a rock star VIP!

There are two ways to get a FASTPASS at the Disneyland Resort.

1. FASTPASS – Each guest can get a FASTPASS in the park at the designated FASTPASS stations. The FASTPASSES are first come, first serve.  

2. MaxPass – For $10 per person per day you can use the MaxPass feature on your Disneyland app to secure your FASTPASSES.

Let’s learn a little bit about the FASTPASS system at Disneyland.

What is a FASTPASS? This is a pass that will allow you to return to certain attractions and “skip” part of the line, shortening your wait time. If you do not use a FASTPASS for an attraction, you will enter the “standby” line.

MaxPass and FASTPASS are different! FASTPASS need to be reserved at kiosks, where MaxPasses are reserved digitally. They are used the same and reserved from the same pool of availability, however once you use your MaxPass you can go ahead and reserve your next one digitally rather then find the ride kiosk.

You do not need to download the app for FASTPASSES only for the use of MaxPasses.

FASTPASSES cannot be saved for another day if not used.

Let’s chat about MaxPass:

For just $10 per guest per day, you can purchase the MaxPass. This system works within the Disneyland app. The app along with the MaxPass will allow you to get FASTPASSES electronically, rather than physically having to get a FASTPASS from the kiosk.

With the MaxPass, you are able to add guests onto one app to manage everyone. Even with this function, all guests are still required to pay the fee for using the MaxPass system.

Along with the purchase of the MaxPass, guests will have unlimited use of the Photopass system as well as receive the attraction photos.

Once you are at the attraction, you will need to click “redeem” and then scan the bar code for each guest at the MaxPass kiosk.

Purchasing the MaxPass or simply utilizing the FASTPASS system is entirely up to the preference of the guest. Some like to walk the park picking up FASTPASSES along the way. Others prefer the convenience of getting a MaxPass digitally. Remember, unlike Walt Disney World, you do not choose your return time from available options. You get what you get and you don’t get upset.

Either way, both systems are magically helpful!

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