Travel Insurance – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Should I get travel insurance or no? Some people are adamant about getting travel insurance – they are faithful to the policies whether it is for international travel, a cruise or a trip to Disneyland. Others are quite hesitant. Why buy it if I’m not going to use it? I mean come on, how many times have we actually gotten really, REALLY sick on vacation? News flash! Travel insurance is not only about health!

Let’s talk unexpected trip cancellations, hurricanes, lost baggage, or delayed flights. Yep – that is covered by travel insurance (okay – the proper plans of travel insurance), but it’s covered. Recently, on our vacation to Puerto Rico, we purchased travel insurance to cover many possibilities, but most importantly rental car insurance. Our package covered $50,000 worth of damage. I mean – $50,000!

Protecting YOUR Vacation:  Listen, no one wants to have to think about canceling their vacation, but a lot can happen during your planning period so it’s best to always be a bit more prepared than usual.  If you have to cancel your trip due to a family illness, injury, pregnancy, job loss, civic duties, job move or transfer, life change or an unfortunate event, you will be able to receive a refund of your nonrefundable deposits.

Preexisting Conditions: Most travel insurance policies will cover cancellations and interruptions due to preexisting conditions if you purchase the policy within a certain time-frame after your deposit (for Travel Insured, insurance needs to be booked within 21 days).  Not only can this cover you if you have a condition that pops up, it can also cover your trip if an extended family member falls ill.

Accidents: We will not delve into this one as we all know what it means and how scary it can be. Accidents and medical emergencies do happen while on vacation and depending on your location services might be limited and expensive. It is calming to know that through travel insurance, many of the services are covered such as; treatment and evacuation.

Weather: Boo! Who likes bad weather on vacation? NO ONE! Having travel insurance relieves you of worries about hurricanes and other unfortunate weather events. Remember, you might not be the one who has to cancel the vacation, so it is nice to know that insurance can help with the expense.

Flight Problems: Travel insurance is also great if a several hour delay causes you to miss a connection or simply a long delay with a direct flight.  

Possessions: Ugh, it happens too often that bags get lost or delayed by airlines – and we mean all airlines. If you are over packers, like us and will be checking baggage, travel insurance can cover the cost to replace your items.  It can also cover the purchase of temporary supplies (such as clothes and toiletries).

There are a number one reason for purchasing travel insurance and no one wants to spend days or even months of worrying about the “what if’s”. Feel safe and be able to enjoy your vacation before, during and after! It’s always better to be prepared and be able to give you mind a vacation since we all know that life can tend to throw us curve balls when we least expect them to. Your vacation should be thrilling, relaxing, exciting, refreshing, and a whole bunch of other great adjectives, but never stressful.

We would be happy to provide you additional information on Travel Insured travel insurance for your next vacation to Walt Disney World, Aulani or Costa Rica.

If your journeys do happen to take you to a Disney Destination let us help design your dream Disney vacation! We offer stress-free vacation planning, personalized itineraries, 1-on-1 concierge services, and more at no cost to you. And remember, we can book travel insurance for you whether traveling to a Disney Destination or not!

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