Wintertime Got You Down? Winter?! Are You Crazy?

We know what you are thinking, winter now? Are you crazy? Well, no not at all. In fact, Right now, Walt Disney World has some wonderful promotions that take you through the end of December, and these are just the beginning ones.


Here in Pennsylvania, winter left us around the end of May. For us, the thought of winter gets us down. Cheer up with a Disney vacation! Winter is a great time to plan a family trip to one of the Disney Parks or hop aboard a Disney Cruise.

1) Holidays: Spending the holidays at a Disney Destination is a feeling beyond magical. The parks and the ships are decorated so beautifully. You can actually spend half of your vacation looking at all of the intricate decorations rather than experiencing attractions. There are seasonal treats everywhere you look, the air is filled with candy corn, gingerbread and holiday music, and everyone just seems a little bit happier (yes, even for Disney). If you time it right, you might even see snow on Main Street or catch a glimpse of 999 Happy Haunts throughout the parks!

2) Lower Prices: If you’re traveling after New Year’s Day, you’ll find some of the lowest prices of the year at the Disney Parks. It’s a great opportunity to stretch your budget and experience a Deluxe Disney Resort Hotel that you’ve always wanted to visit. Historically we’ve even seen some additional discounts during the first few months of the year.

3) Lighter Crowds: Once the holidays are over and the kids are back in school, the crowds are considerably lower during the beginning months of the year. The exceptions are the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, and any of the three day holiday weekends like Martin Luther King Jr. Day or President’s Day.

4) Cooler Weather: Not fond of now, but not a fan of the Florida heat and humidity either? Enjoy a more temperate climate in December, January, or February. You’ll want to bring a jacket, but you won’t have to worry about excessive heat. The average rainfall in Orlando is also lower in the winter months.


5) Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend & Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend: runDisney hosts two of the most popular races at Walt Disney World Resort during the winter. The year kicks off with the Walt Disney World Marathon, a long-running event that began in 1994. The Disney Princess Half Marathon is hosted in late February, and boasts some of the best  costumes. These events are a fun way to add a unique twist to your Disney vacation, and stick to those New Year’s resolutions in the process.


So if a Disney winter sounds great to you then we would love to make the magic happen! Part of what we do as travel planners for is help you choose the right options for your particular trip. We specialize in ALL Disney Destinations; and can magically assist with these types of decisions based our knowledge of the parks. The best part? When you book through us you will get all of our planning and concierge services at no additional cost.

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