Restaurant Review:Chef’s de France

Each time we go to Walt Disney World® we make a point to try at least 1 new restaurant that we have never been to. This past April, we had lunch at Chef’s de France and it was absolutely phenomenal! This week’s blog is going to highlight our meal!


Step into this Parisian brasserie style restaurant with elegant and authentic features throughout. Windows line the restaurant which provides great views of the happenings outside during your meal. The servers were very knowledgeable and very attentive throughout the meal. We made our reservation for 2:30 pm and really enjoyed this time as the restaurant was less crowded. From 3:00-4:00 there is a break in reservation times as the cast members get ready for dinner service.


The absolute best French Onion soup and an excellent cheese board with authentic French cheeses and tasty raisin and walnut bread

Of course we could not resist the chance for some French wine and a warm baguette!


The Filet was mouthwatering and was served with potato gratin and green beans.


We would highly recommend Chef’s de France to anyone looking for some great French cuisine that would make Remy and Chef Linguini proud!

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